Monday, January 6, 2014

My Beauty Resolutions for 2014

Hey, friends! I hope you're having a wonderful year so far. Today I'd like to talk to you about new year resolutions. Typically, I'm pretty straight-forward when it comes to resolutions (if I really wanted to do something, I wouldn't wait until the new year to do it), but beauty is an exception. Below are a few things that I'm going to try and work towards in the new year, because after all, we should always be learning something new!

1. Master my five-minute face
I typically either do a full face of makeup or nothing at all--go big or go home, right?--so this year I'd like to find and perfect my personal five minute makeup routine.  I have so much makeup, so I should really try to wear it more often, but I just don't have time to put on a full face of makeup every morning. Everyone has different things that they consider to be essential in their makeup routine, so in 2014 I'm going to find mine. I'm thinking I'll start off with concealer, mascara, and lip gloss, and then work up from there. We'll see!

2. Master the art of doing my brows
I learned a lot about beauty products and how to use them in 2013, but eyebrows are still a mystery to me. They're kind of my biggest weakness in my makeup routine. I'd like to be an independent woman when it comes to tweezing/waxing my brows. Usually I just set them in place with brow gel and then go on my merry way, so this year I'd also like to get better at filling them in. I often like to play up my eyes when doing my makeup, and eyebrows frame your eyes, so it's important for them to be well-groomed.

Chella Brow Gel
3. Incorporate more color into my daily routine
I'm usually pretty boring when it comes to my makeup routine: neutral eyes, neutral lips, neutral everything. Brown eyeshadow plays up the blue in my eyes, and my lips are naturally pigmented, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't branch out into the world of color! This year I'm going to play more with color, because I'm a 20-something and I want to have more fun. Whether it some green smudged on the lower lash line, or purple eyeshadow, I'm going to start experimenting with color more. I think I'll start with colored eyeliner and go from there, but there are fun times to be had with makeup in 2014.

4. Do my nails more often
As a scene painter for my college's scene shop, I assist in painting the sets for all of the shows. This usually discourages me from painting my nails, but this year (or at least this semester) I'm going to try to paint them more often. I just have too much nail polish not to! Plus, painted nails just look so much nicer in my opinion. Regular paint washes off easier than nail polish, so why not go for it?

Circus by Andrea's Choice Nail Color in Tightrope

What are your beauty resolutions for this year?

Disclaimer: All products mentioned were purchased by me. Not affiliated or sponsored. No one paid me to write this post and I have never received money to write posts on this blog. So, there. 

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