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My Favorite Things: May 2014

Hi, friends! Today I have some very exciting news to share with you: College Beauty Buff now has a registered domain! That's right, from now on you can just go to www.collegebeautybuff.com and it will send you here! How exciting is that? But enough about that. Let's get on to the good stuff--my favorite beauty products for the month of May!


WEN Cleansing Conditioner in Pomegranate ($29 for 16oz)

WEN Cleansing Conditioner in Pomegranate

I have mentioned Wen in countless posts, such as my 2013 Favorites, but I fell in love with it all over again this month. I've been testing out some new shampoos and conditioners recently, and after I went back to using this, I wondered why I'd ever stopped. I don't use it as intended (my hair doesn't feel or look clean when I use it as a shampoo), but I adore it as a conditioner! I use about 8 pumps, and my hair is down to the lower-middle of my back. I'm thinking of chopping my hair off and going for something shoulder-length or shorter, and of course as soon as I announced that out loud, I started getting a bunch of compliments on my hair! Either way, this is a winner in my book. There are a bunch of variations in terms of scent/hair type of this, but in my opinion, they all work the same and the Pomegranate smells the best.

BEAUTY PROTECTOR Protect & Oil ($25.95 for 4oz)


I received this in my February Birchbox, and I've been using it ever since. I've been using a sulfate shampoo, so I've been coupling this with my Wen conditioner since this contains silicones. Wen has a silicone, but it's near the end of the ingredients list, so I use this oil to make my hair shiny and smooth it down. It also smells really nice and has UVA/UVB protection. I would purchase a full bottle of this, if I didn't have argan oil coming out the wa-zoo (nobody wasted time getting on that bandwagon). 


CARMEX Moisturizing Lip Balm ($1.69 for .35oz)

CARMEX Moisturizing Lip Balm

I've been battling the flu literally since the morning I got back from school. This has been one of the only products saving my lips. They've been chapped on and off since the beginning of the month when I got sick. I only use Carmex when my lips are chapped and sickly, since it contains salicylic acid, which exfoliates your lips. I find that when I use it when my lips aren't dry/peeling/sickly, it makes them peel, which is just gross. If you're looking for a regular maintenance lip balm, this isn't the product for you, but it's great if they're already dry and peeling and need something medicated to return them to normal. Check out my Lip Balm Bonanza series for other lip balm picks. 

NYX Color Lip Balm in Thank You ($5.33 for .14oz)

NYX Color Lip Balm in Thank You

This was mentioned in my Lip Balm Bonanza Pt. 2 and Spring Product Picks. It's a bright, pigmented lip balm that doesn't skimp on moisture or color. When I was very sick and still had to go on a job interview, this is what I wore to bring some life back into my face. It's easy, moisturizing, and brings just enough color. This line was discontinued with the release of the Butter lip products, but they're still available on online retailers. 

STILA Convertible Color ($25 for .15oz)

STILA Convertible Color
Stila Convertible Color in Gerbera
I hate saying I "love" products, because I feel like the more I say it, the less meaning it has. But, if I had to pick one product I love, it would be the Stila Convertible Colors. They. Are. AMAZING. For my everyday makeup routine, I hardly use any brushes since that takes up too much time (and effort), so I just apply these with my fingers to my cheeks. I don't like them much as a lip product, but I ADORE them for the cheeks. They give you a natural, healthy flush that magically lasts all day. To ensure that they last, or if you have oily skin, you can top them with a powder blush, but I don't really find that I need to since my skin is pretty dry. I have the colors Gerbera and Peony, and I kind of wanna catch 'em all. Like Pokemon. And Revlon Lip Butters. I don't really like to spend a lot money on cosmetics (or anything), but this is one product even I don't mind splurging on. For more information, see: Spring Product Picks, March FavoritesMay Mail Time


Clarisonic Mia II ($136.24 for the kit)

Clarisonic Mia II

Oh, my Clarisonic and I have been through it all together. I've had mine since December 2012 and our relationship is still going strong. This month, the flu kept me from doing a lot of things, but it didn't keep me from washing my face! No matter how tired I was, I would still wash my face at night, thanks to this little device. It's like the perfect product for lazy people; you hardly even have to move to wash your face with this. It's just great, and without it I might have been too tired to wash my face (AKA I would have had super-clogged pores in June).

PHILOSOPHY Purity Made Simple Cleanser ($52 for 32oz)

PHILOSOPHY Purity Made Simple Cleanser

Attention world: I may never buy makeup remover again. Why? Because this cleanser might be one of the only cleansers that claims to remove all makeup and actually does so. A cleanser that makes claims it can own up to? Gee, what a thought, right? Seriously, Philosophy's Purity cleanser is awesome. I thought it was just overhyped, but it's everything I want in a cleanser: sulfate-free, creamy, non-drying/stripping, and makeup-removing. For those of you who require a lather in order to feel clean, this one does have some soapy-lathering goodness, even though it actually doesn't contain sulfates (aka soap). It's a beautiful, beautiful thing, especially since it removes mascara without trying. God bless America.

Evologie eSystem Travel Kit ($25 for two 7ml bottles)

As mentioned in my April Favorites, I've really been liking this duo! I was sent it for editorial consideration by Sumpto, and although I wasn't expecting to be impressed, it's really worked well. I originally started out using them as two separate steps, but now I just mix a drop of the two of them together and apply them. It saves me a step in my routine and I don't have to wait for yet another layer of skincare to dry before proceeding. I haven't noticed a difference in effectiveness when combining them, probably because they're part of the same line and share a lot of the same ingredients (especially the main active ingredient, salicylic acid). When I don't have a breakout in particular but just want to be on the defensive when it comes to acne, I apply the Stay Clear Cream alone on my breakout-prone areas (my T-Zone and chest). It's been about two months and my skin has been doing great! I will probably repurchase when I run out, unless I stumble upon another acne treatment system to try before that time. 

KORRES Body Butters ($10 for 1.69oz)

KORRES Body Butters
Scents from left to right: Jasmine, Basil Lemon, Guava
I received this in my July Mail Time! and have finally gotten around to really testing them out. I really like them! I've been using them as hand creams, since they're so thick and creamy, and the small tubes makes them great for travel. I've been keeping: the Jasmine one on my dresser to use before bed and the Guava one in my tote bag for on-the-go. I've very pleased with these, and they smell lovely, but I don't think I could stomach the full price ($29 for 7.95oz). Perhaps if I wanted to splurge I would go for another $10 travel size like these, although the full-size is a better deal... Decisions, decisions. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it (as if I don't have a literal basket of lotion hanging around).  

OLAY Complete Moisturizer SPF 15

Since I travel to and from school multiple times a year, I like to keep a basic set of skincare items (AM/PM moisturizers and a cleanser) at home so I don't have to lug my toiletries back and forth. This was the morning moisturizer I was using at home, and recently started using it again. I really like the consistency, and the fact that it doesn't make my T-Zone look greasy or shiny. My only gripe about it is the packaging--the SPF 30 has a very convenient pump, but after awhile, it starts getting annoying trying to get the lotion out of this one (it's a solid container with a tiny hole at the top, not even really a squeeze tube). To alleviate my first-world problem, I started storing it upside-down, which helped a lot. Still, I would really appreciate a pump. 

I have recently become dangerously addicted to the game app Ayakashi Ghost Guild.

My brother's friend introduced me to this game and I'm obsessed. It's not even funny. It's kind of like Pokemon meets Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories for the Gameboy Advance, but only the fun parts and none of the annoying stuff. You build a deck and fight battles, making it sort of a deck builder/RPG kind of game. If you sign up with my Invitation ID (friend code), Sam21, you get a free card summon! The app is one of those "freemium" games, meaning the app is free, but the extra stuff to level up quickly costs real people dollars (but that's okay, because without leveling up, there's no game, so why would you hurry the process along?). It's by Zynga, who my brother used to work for but now no longer does, so shh don't tell him I'm playing a Zynga game. (Warning: This game is an incredible time killer).

What were some of your favorite things this month?

Disclaimer: Sumpto sent my the Evologie duo, but that's it. I am not sponsored, nor affiliated with, any of the brands featured in this post. So, there. 

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