Monday, November 17, 2014

5 Products I'm Thankful For

Hi friends! This month's blog hop with the Beauty & Fashion Blog Community is all about stuff we're thankful for. And yes, we're thankful for our family and friends and food and everything, but today we're going to be a little shallow and talk about our favorite material possessions. Because it's almost Thanksgiving, and people always forget about it in favor of Christmas, which just isn't fair. So, without further ado, here are the five products I'm most thankful for this month. 

1. Clarisonic Mia 2 ($149)

Before I got a Clarisonic (or, B.C., as historians refer to it as) I pretty much always had an active breakout on my face. There was always some kind of small gathering of pinples on my forehead at all times. Nowadays, I very rarely have any pimples at all! The Clarisonic was the first of its kind, which spurred many other similar creations. With other, cheaper knockoffs on the market, you would think people would stop buying this one, but they don't. Why? Because it works like no other cleansing brush! The Clarisonic is patent pending because unlike other cleansing brushes, which rotate in a 360-degree circle going in one direction, the Clarisonic never quite makes an exact circle, and goes back at forth in either direction. No other brush does that, and I think it's what helps make the Clarisonic so great. Rather than just pulling the skin repeatedly in one direction (which, by the way, causes wrinkles), the Clarisonic goes rotates in both directions. It's amazing, and I use it every night. I'm almost scared I'll jinx myself whenever I rave about the Clarisonic, almost as if the very next day I'd wake up with pimples everywhere (which would not only make me a liar for raving about it, but a liar covered in acne!)

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2. Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant ($26 for 4oz)

I love how this guarantees that I'm getting all of the dirt and excess oil off of my skin! Sometimes just one-step cleansing isn't enough, especially if you're wearing makeup, so I love using this after my face wash to pick up anything that's left over. It also helps reduce and unclog enlarged pores, which I'm sure anyone who has a problem with blackheads (like me) would appreciate. It can take a few weeks to unclog the deepest set blackheads, but be patient and I promise you'll love it. This also comes in a Gel and a Lotion form, so all skin types are covered. I'm combination-dry and I really like this, so you do you. 

3. Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush ($8 for 6.73 oz)

So, I've been living under a rock, up until a few months ago when I finally picked this up at my local TJ Maxx. This dry shampoo works wonders! As a blonde-haired girl, I can get away with using baby powder, but that doesn't do nearly as good of a job as this. Unlike baby powder, this doesn't make hair dull and lackluster. Also, it makes hair not only look clean, but feel clean! A few spritzes, a quick brush-through, and it's like I just cleaned my hair. It's a shower in a bottle! The floral "Blush" scent is my favorite, but they all work the same.

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I'll admit, I was pretty skeptical about this brush at first. I saw everyone on YouTube raving about it, but I wasn't so sure I would feel the same way. However, I tried it and I absolutely love it! It's synthetic, so it doesn't soak up all of your foundation, and it doesn't shed like natural-haired brushes tend to do (*cough* the Sigma E40 *cough). The flat top really helps buff the foundation/BB cream into the skin, so you can say "I woke up like this."

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5. Aquaphor Lip Repair ($5 for .35oz)

Aquaphor has saved my lips time and time again. Going to college in New England is fun and all, but my lips really aren't a fan of the freezing cold temperatures and the fact that winter essentially lasts from November 'til April. That, and due to the fact that I never seem to get in eight full glasses of water a day, my lips are always fighting the battle of staying hydrated. Aquaphor is the one lip balm I can depend on to instantly make my lips feel better, and help actually heal them when they're painful and chapped.

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What things are you thankful for? (You can also be thankful for non-shallow things, like the people in your life. I'll allow it). 

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Disclaimer: Not sponsored, no affiliates. I purchased all of these myself. Well, actually that's a lie. The Clarisonic was a Christmas present from my mom because she loves me. Shoutout to my family--they're a monthly favorite, too.