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Trash Talk: August 2015 Empties

Hello, friends! It's time for another Empties post! Can you believe I haven't done an actual Empties post since February (not counting the Spring Cleaning Edition)? I've decided to title this series Trash Talk, because I'm feeling particularly witty today. Everyone does a little trash talking now and then--don't deny it!

In these posts, I'll give you my full disclosure on what I thought about these products, since I had plenty of time to test them out.

These products were emptied because of three reasons:
  1. I liked them so much that I used them to the last drop.
  2. I didn't like them, really, but didn't want to waste anything
  3. They were expired and/or smelled funny so they had to go.
We have some catching up to do, so featured today are products I used up (and that were photographed) back at school on my old point-and-shoot camera. But we'll get through it, I promise.

But enough about that. Let's get to the good stuff!

August 2015 Empties | Products I've Used Up | Skincare

August 2015 Empties | Products I've Used Up | Boscia Luminizing Black Mask

I did a full review on this face mask back in November, and despite my negative results, I used it until it was gone. It was only a sample that I had gotten from my Total Crapbox, so it only gave me about three full uses. I thought "I have to be missing something. People actually like this?" but it disappointed me every time. I mean, does this do anything but freak your skin out? It's an opaque black goo that didn't seem to do anything other than give me irritated skin (and that ain't cute). Even if it does smell like seaweed and helped me scare my friends, I won't be repurchasing this.

EVOLOGIE | eSystem Duo Pack ($25 for two 7ml products)

August 2015 Empties | Products I've Used Up | EVOLOGIE | eSystem Duo Pack

This includes Evologie's Intensive Blemish Serum and Stay Clear Cream moisturizer. I'm going to miss these little guys! (I have to stop personifying my beauty products...I have no friends). The Intensive Blemish Serum was a salicylic acid spot treatment to put on pimples at night, and I saw results the next morning. I also really liked the Stay Clear Cream, the corresponding salicylic acid moisturizer. This was my nighttime moisturizer--since it doesn't have SPF and ain't nobody got time for a separate sunscreen--and I liked it. As someone with combination skin, I didn't find it moisturizing enough alone for my dry cheeks, but a hydrating serum underneath did the trick! If you struggle with acne and/or you're curious if salicylic acid works for your skin, check these out! You can also read more about them in April's Favorite Things if you're interested. I think they stopped selling this exact travel set, but they still sell each product in the full size.

BOOTS | Botanics Organic Facial Oil ($9 for .84oz)

August 2015 Empties | Products I've Used Up | Boots Botanics Face Oil

If you're someone who's into all-natural skincare, Boots Botanics is the brand for you. Boots Botanics is one of the skincare lines from Boots, a UK brand, and they have a great selection of products. You can actually pronounce all of the ingredients in the list on the back (shocking, I know)! I like that this is a combination of different oils, that way you get the benefits of a number of different types. However, the problem with that, is that some plants can be irritating to the skin (since plants were not made to go on our faces). If your skin is particularly sensitive, I would do a spot test first, but I really enjoyed this. In the winter, I especially enjoyed adding a drop of this to my nighttime moisturizer for extra hydration!

August 2015 Empties | Products I've Used Up | Hair

August 2015 Empties | Products I've Used Up | Beauty Protector | Protect & Oil

This was a seriously generous sample from my February 2014 Birchbox--it took me nearly a year to use it up! Since my hair is straight, I didn't find that I needed more than a couple of drops of this in my hair after a shower. It smells lovely (don't ask me to describe the scent) and it always made my hair look soft and shiny. It also has added UV protection, so it'd be a great option if you want something to protect your hair from the sun. I received another one of these in a Mystery Sample pack from an order, so I won't be needing another for awhile, but I recommend you check this out if you're in the market for a new hair treatment!

August 2015 Empties | Products I've Used Up | Herbal Essences | Long Term Relationship Shampo

Being that I was the only one using this shampoo, it lasted me almost the whole school year! This one smelled like pomegranates, which I loved. I don't think this did anything particularly different to keep my long hair healthy, but it worked fine. Frankly, it reminded me of every other shampoo I've used from Herbal Essences: it cleaned my hair; it smelled good; the end. Right now I'm using sulfate-free to keep whatever's left of the pink in my hair, but give this one a whiff next time you're at the drugstore!

August 2015 Empties | Products I've Used Up | Bath & Body

HARVEY PRINCE | Ageless Liquid Loofah ($22 for 12oz)

August 2015 Empties | Products I've Used Up | Harvey Prince | Ageless Liquid Loofah

This was a sample from my September Birchbox that I wasn't actually crazy about. Does anyone else feel like if grapefruit scents are done wrong, they tend to smell like B.O.? I don't know what it is, but I was definitely not a fan of this shower gel. It's a shame, because it smelled so nice in the container! I have the rollerball version of this and really enjoy it, so I don't know why me and the shower gel didn't mesh. This tube also wasn't full at all, so it lasted me barely three uses, but I think that was for the best. 

August 2015 Empties | Products I've Used Up | Skintimate | Skin Therapy Moisturizer Shave Gel for Dry Skin

I think this was my last can of shaving gel in over a year! When I first ran out, I was feeling kind of broke and didn't want to shell out money on more, so I started using a bit of my hair conditioner as shaving cream. It was easier, because the shelves in my dorm room shower were a joke. Even months later, I never felt the need to go back. It comes off in five seconds, so I didn't feel the need to spend money on it. Have a conditioner you don't like for your hair? Use it for your legs--it'll make them feel moisturized, too! It's just more convenient to have less products in the shower, at least for me. What do you guys use to shave?

August 2015 Empties | Products I've Used Up | Makeup

August 2015 Empties | Products I've Used Up | Dr. Jart+ Black Label Detox Beauty Balm

Dr. Jart+ is the king of BB creams, and though I have a hard time deciphering the differences between them, it's always sad to see another one go. This was just a baby sample from my October Birchbox, so it didn't last long. Their BB creams offer a perfect amount of coverage for me (I would say light-to-medium) and look natural on the skin. My only problem with them is that their shade selection is a joke. I hope one day, as they expand, they think about offering more shades and tones so everyone can use them. 

August 2015 Empties | Products I've Used Up | E.L.F. Eyes Lips Face | Lip Exfoliator

This is a lip scrub in the shape of a lipstick bullet! Cute, right? (Well, it used to be. You can see what it looked like before it was all gone in my Winter Skincare Tips). I really enjoyed this because it was convenient for travel, and a total steal at $3. No one I know keeps brown sugar in their dorm room, so this was great to have on hand. It's also combined with a lip balm, so your lips don't feel like they were scrubbed raw by the end of it. Just don't be too rough--sugar particles can be sharp and pokey, even in this product.

MAYBELLINE | Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer ($8 for .05oz)

August 2015 Empties | Products I've Used Up | MAYBELLINE | Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer

This is definitely a favorite product of mine! This highlighting concealer was great and providing some coverage, while still giving off a pretty, highlighted sheen. I liked to use this under my eyes (especially in the inner corners) and anywhere else I wanted to brighten up a bit. I'd be happy to have another, but I'm also interested in trying the Dark Circle Rewind Brightener by Maybelline. But everything is so expensive by me--I saw it for $15 in Waldbaums today! Madness! How's a girl supposed to get her makeup fix with prices like that?

What products have you used up this month? Let's talk trash!

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