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Trash Talk: Bath & Body Empties (Jan 2016)

Trash Talk: Bath & Body Empties (Jan 2016) - Sammi the Beauty Buff

Hi, friends! It's crazy that we're so close to the end of January. 2016 is really flying by! I was originally planning on doing another Favorites post to mark the end of 2015, to serve as a catch-all for hair, nail, and body products, but then I decided against it. I'm not very picky with those other things, so rather than repeat the few products you guys already know I love, I figured I would write up some mini reviews to the products I used up recently.

It's called Trash Talk, because we're gonna talk about all of our beauty trash (this is a friendly zone, we don't talk trash about each other here)! We're just talking about bath and body products today, since I'm trying to cut down my post lengths. I feel like they're always so long! What do you think? Do you prefer short, concise posts, or long ones with more information? Or a mix of both?

But enough about that. Let's get to the good stuff!

THE SOMERSET TOILETRY COMPANY | Strawberry and Papaya Bath & Shower Gel ($5 | 16oz)

THE SOMERSET TOILETRY COMPANY | Strawberry and Papaya Bath & Shower Gel ($5 | 16oz)

I randomly picked this up at a Marshall's or TJ Maxx when I ran out of shower gel and wanted to try something new. It was pretty average in every way: the smell wasn't that strong (and didn't impress me to begin with), it wasn't very moisturizing (yet not drying either). It got the job done; it was just okay. It was a good price for the amount you get, but I don't think I'd seek this out again. I'm usually a fan of creamy body washes like Olay's Age Defying Body Wash (which is the same price for double the product), so if I'm going to opt for a shower gel, it better smell pretty darn good (like The Body Shop's Strawberry Shower Gel). I can't seem to find a website for this brand, so I guess if you're curious, check it out at a local TJ Maxx or Marshall's near you.

JERGENS | BB Protect Skin Cream in Medium Deep SPF 15 ($11.50 | 6oz)

JERGENS | BB Protect Skin Cream in Medium Deep SPF 15 ($11.50 | 6oz)

Jergens released their BB Body lotions around the same time that BB creams were entering drugstores. I like the Jergens Natural Glow lotion (more for the scent than the gradual tanner capabilities, surprisingly), so I figured I would try this, too. I originally got a sample of this in a Birchbox last year in the Light/Medium shade, and didn't really see any difference. This promises to firm, hydrate, smooth, minimize imperfections, and provide SPF 15, all in one tube! It does contain dihydroxyaceton, which is common ingredient in self-tanners, so I thought I would see a little bit of tan after daily use, but nada. After finishing up my Birchbox sample, I saw this big bottle on clearance at Walgreens for $3, so I decided to try it in the darker shade to see if I got any different results. In short, I still didn't see any difference in my skin, so I don't know why they bothered with the two shades, since the lotion looks nearly identical. I think I'll go back to the Natural Glow. At least that one smells good, and has more of a chance of making me look like a beach babe.

PERLIER | Various Hand Creams and Body Balms ($21 | 3.3oz and $60 | 16.9oz)

PERLIER | Various Hand Creams and Body Balms ($21 | 3.3oz and $60 | 16.9oz)

You guys probably know by now how hooked I am on Perlier's body products. I always have at least one of these on hand (it's punny, because these are hand creams...laugh!). From left to right, we have the Honey Miel Hand Cream, the Moisturizing Hand Cream with Lavender Extract, and the Nourishing Body Balm with Lavender Extract. The body balms are also nice on the hands, though I usually use them on my feet, elbows, and anywhere else where my skin gets particularly dry. If your skin is feeling particularly parched, just go straight for the body balms (because they don't mess around). They're pricier--$60 for a tub of almost 17 ounces--but they work wonders. All of these smell nice, but not in an overpowering way, and the lavender scent is especially nice before bed time. I haven't tried a product from this brand that I didn't like. I'll leave Perlier alone for a little while so I can try some new things, but just know...they'll be missed.

BATH & BODY WORKS | Coconut Lime Verbena Body Lotion ($12.50 | 8oz)

This little tube was included with all of the other toiletries during my last hotel stay, which was pretty recent, so I was surprised to see you can't find it on Bath & Body Works (B&BW)'s website anymore. It's there as a hand soap, but not in the lotions. Perhaps it's been relegated to hotel bathrooms only? Anyway, I've been a fan of B&BW's lotions since middle school, and this scent is no exception. It's purely citrus and coconuts, and it smells delicious. It seems like they've released a newer collection called Coconut Lime Breeze, which sounds similar. They both contain notes of coconut water, lemons, and limes, so give it a whiff next time you're in a store and let me know what you think! (Or, pick up the Verbana hand soap, and try not to smell your hands every time you wash them. Go ahead, I dare you.)

KORRES | Body Butter in Lemon Basil ($10 | 1.69oz)

I strangely won a trio of these in an HSN contest awhile back. I've previously used up their Guava and Jasmine scents, and although this Lemon Basil one was my least favorite, the formula was still equally moisturizing. It's thick and creamy, but not insanely so, making it a good option to carry in your bag and apply throughout the day. I also used this as a hand cream before bed and it worked well in that department, too. I don't find these to be as hydrating as the Perlier Body Balms if you're super dry, but they're still equally nice. They have so many more scents than I thought, including Fig and Japanese Rose, both of which sound amazing. 

BATH & BODY WORKS | Japanese Cherry Blossom Eau de Toilette ($34.50 | 2.5oz)

BATH & BODY WORKS | Japanese Cherry Blossom Eau de Toilette ($34.50 | 2.5oz)

Yup, this scent definitely takes me back to grade school. I received this little half ounce bottle in a gift set at some point, but fragrances take me an eternity to use up, so it's rare for me to include one in an Empties post. I was letting this little guy sit in my lingerie drawer after I finished it up to make it smell nice (does anyone else do that?), but eventually the scent wears off and I have no excuse for being a hoarder.

They no longer make the original Cherry Blossom (my ultimate middle school scent, aka me in a bottle), but this one is similar. I graduated to this in high school, because I was a #adult. It contains a base note of sandalwood, which makes sense, since all of the fragrances I like are somehow rooted in sandalwood. It also contains a few different floral and fruity notes, making it not too deep for daytime, but also allowing it to work at night. The full-size bottles are much prettier, but this worked just as well. Are you, or were you ever, a Bath & Body Works person? If so, what's your favorite scent?

What products have you used up recently?

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