Saturday, February 22, 2014

Fave Five: February 2014

Hey, friends! Today I would like to bring you my five favorite products for this month. Why five? Because things are better in fives. And because alliteration is my favorite thing (but I am not counting it in this list of fave five). But let's get on to the good stuff:

Olay Night of Olay Firming Cream ($6 for 2oz)

After finishing up my sample of La Mer (see my Evening Skincare Routine and Full Review), I returned back to an old favorite: the Olay Night of Olay Firming Cream. This was in my 2013 Favorites, because it's a great no-nonsense product. This is my third jar of this, and I don't repurchase products unless I absolutely love them. It's easily accessible, since it can be found at all drugstores, and it fits into my budget. This 2oz jar lasts me quite a long time, since it's thick and you don't need a lot. I have dry-combination skin, and I find that it moisturizes my dry cheeks while not making my T-zone look greasy. It feels nice on the skin and when I wake up in the morning, my skin still feels hydrated (which a lot of moisturizers, high-end and drugstore, don't seem to do for me). If you have dry skin anywhere on your face and need a nice, affordable moisturizer, I highly recommend this.

Tinkle Eyebrow Razors ($3.65 for 3)

I have rather thick eyebrows that have a nice arch to them, but tend to look rather messy if I don't get rid of the stray hairs. I've had a bad experience with waxing (the esthetician made the wax so hot that it burned my skin, and I still have the scar to this day), and tweezing is just a pain in the ass, so I love these. It was my first experience using an eyebrow razor, and I love how easy it is. It was a little daunting at first, but I find I have a good amount of control with these. They also help me get a straight edge to my brow, so it's easy to shave the stray hairs. The only downside to these is, like shaving any other part of your body, the hair grows back quicker than waxing, etc. I don't mind, since after you get the hang of it, it only takes a few seconds. Highly recommend for all you brow newbies out there! I got these off of Amazon, because I get everything off of Amazon, but I believe you can find eyebrow razors Sally's as well. If you like getting free amazon gift cards, join Bing Rewards! Seriously. I do it for a few minutes every day, and now that I'm a Gold member, I can usually score 2-3 $5 gift cards a month. And you guys know how much I love free.

Supergoop SPF 37 Anti Aging Eye Cream (.5oz size. $40 on Amazon, $45 at Sephora)

I received this sample in my July Sample Society Box. I had originally put it away, thinking, "Do I really need a day eye cream? I'm only 20!" but I finally decided to pull it out and use it up. I actually really liked it (it will be in next month's empties post), much to my surprise. My eyes tend to get quite sensitive, and I wear contacts almost every day, but this didn't bother them or cause any stinging. I am considering purchasing a full size since they sell it in the Birchbox shop and I have some points to spare. However, if I had to pay real money for it, I don't think I would, just because I'm only 20 years old and it doesn't seem necessary to me, as much as I do love the idea of having SPF under my eyes. Still, I use an eye cream at night, and I think that's enough for now. But if you use a day eye cream, I would check this out.

CoverGirl LashBlast Luxe Mascara in Black Emerald ($4.50 for .44 fl oz)

This product has been discontinued, but I got it off Amazon for a good price (link above). I was expecting this product to be a dark forest green, like the Maybelline mascara, so I was a little disappointed to see it's basically black. It has a slight green tint to it that makes it look more like a very dark grey. It has the same formula and wand as CoverGirl LashBlast Volume, which is an all-time favorite of mine, so I'm happy with it. If I had to choose between the two, I would pick whichever one is on sale, but I see why it was discontinued. If the colors are basically non-existent, then why bother? 

NYX Color Lip Balm in Thank You ($5.33 for .14 oz)

I received this in the Total Beauty Mystery Collection (forever known as the Total Crapbox) in June. I never really used it in the summer (even though it's a great summer color), but I had the urge to pull it out this month, and I've worn it a lot. It's not a typical winter color, but I like to think it brightens up the grey, overcast days of Boston. Plus, I just felt like wearing it, so oh well. It's a bright, watermelon pink color, and it delivers considerable pigmentation for only being a lip balm. This is definitely more than a tint, which I like. It's very slippery, being a lip balm, so the color doesn't last long. Still, I like it. However, I believe this product was discontinued with the release of the new Butter Lip Balms, but it's still available on Amazon (link above).

What's in your Fave Five this month?

Disclaimer: I bought all of this myself. Not sponsored. This post contains affiliate links, so if you purchase something through them, I'll get a little percentage, but that's about it. So, there. 

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