Saturday, February 15, 2014

Products I've Used Up: February 2014

Hey, friends! There is something so rewarding and exciting about using up a product, isn't there? Perhaps it's that you get to open and use the new ones you have lying around! I hope I'm not the only hoarder around because then this will just be awkward. I have quite a few empties to share with you today, and along with that I'll let you know what I thought about them. Without further ado, here are my empties for the month of February!

Sexy Hair Healthy Sexy Hair Color Safe Soy Moisturizing Shampoo 
($10 for 10.1oz)

I always get "high-end" shampoos at TJ Maxx or Marshalls, but if you don't have one near you, Amazon is the next best thing (affiliate link above). This was my next shampoo on my sulfate-free journey. I like the Sexy Hair brand, but I preferred other sulfate-free shampoos I've tried (EVOLVh, Ecru, Beauty Protector). Much to my surprise, this contains C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate, which can actually be harsher than a regular sulfate, even harsher than SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate)! Technically it's not a "sulfate," but ugh this is why I hate marketing. Never believe the claims on the bottle. I bought it because it was sulfate-free, but it wasn't really, and then I had to use up the whole bottle of it. This is definitely not color-safe, because products like sulfonates and sulfates strip the hair of color and can be quite harsh. If you have curly hair, I definitely wouldn't recommend this. Not that I have curly hair, but if you do, I think even if you use a really good conditioner this will still dry out your hair. Right now I am using my Fekkai Shampoo and Conditioner from my Birchbox last month, which are not sulfate-free, but at least they don't claim to be. All in all, if you are on a sulfate-free "diet," I would highly advise steering clear of this.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in Light Sheer Tint ($9 for 1oz)

This was a 2013 Favorite and will forever be a favorite (until it gets discontinued, because everything I love gets discontinued (#RevlonSmokeyShadowSticks #Crying #HashtagsinBlogPostsDon'tYouJudgeMe). This offers a very sheer tint, but what I love about it is how hydrating it is. It really has saved my skin during the craziness of Boston's winter this year (it really doesn't need to snow twice in one week, Boston. Stop it.)  It creates a sort of barrier of hydration on my face that makes it not want to crawl off and look for a warmer face elsewhere. I wear this as my "foundation," since I prefer a light coverage, but if you want something heavier this is definitely not the face product for you. If you're into true BB creams, this also is not the product for you. If you are into a dewey glow in the wintertime and keeping your dry skin from feeling tight and sad, this is totally a product for you.

Pop Beauty Smokey Lash Kapow!!! Mascara (Sample-Size: $12.50 for .17oz)
(Full-Size: $18.50 for. 25oz)

First of all, if the title of your product has three (not one, but three) exclamation points in it, chances are I won't like it out of spite. 

Second of all, this mascara sucks so hard that I couldn't even finish it up (and I almost always finish up products because I hate to waste: see HealthySexyHair Shampoo above). It doesn't do any good for your lashes. It was super wet (and although I prefer dry mascaras, I have used some good wet ones--this was not one of them). It weighed down my lashes to the point where I could see them visibly drooping right after I applied the mascara, as if I hadn't curled them at all. I also wasn't a fan of the cone-shaped wand, because it was just big and bulky and made it harder to get my inner lashes. I actually thought the brush would be helpful in getting the hard inner and outer lashes, but I was proven wrong.  The combination of the wet formula and the sub-par brush made my lashes all clumped together and nasty, and it never seemed to fully dry. Within an hour or two, it would be all under my eyes and I would have to run my raccoon self to the bathroom to clean it up. And then, two more hours later, more black would appear! The gift that keeps on giving! I usually don't have a problem with mascara smudging under my eyes (thank you, CoverGirl LashBlast), so I was surprised to see this, and so much of it. The only good things I can say about this mascara are that 1) it is pretty black, but you can find a black mascara anywhere (and for half the price or cheaper) and 2) at least it was a sample size. I just pulled it out of my Unused Ipsy Samples Stash so I guess theoretically I paid around $2 for it, (since you get 5 products for $10), but I'm not feeling bad about it. Plus, one of my friends isn't a germophobe like me and was happy to take my used mascara off my hands, so at least it wasn't a total waste. Sharing mascaras still freaks me out, though, but to each her own. I hope she likes it more than I did! 

Chella Brow Gel (Full-Size: $16 for .2 fl oz)

I received this in an Ipsy bag nearly a year ago (or maybe more than that) and I finally ran out! Technically, there was still a little bit in there, but I had to toss it. It was starting to gain an unusual smell, as mascaras and brow gels tend to do when they're starting to get old, so that was my cue to throw it out. Keep in mind that I don't wear makeup every day, so I'm sure it wouldn't last quite as long for you if you were wearing it daily. I thought it did a good job of keeping my brows in place all day without making them crunchy. However, I just bought the e.l.f. Brow Gel and I think that does a better job, and it's only $1. Would I recommend this? No. Not that it's a bad product necessarily, but just because there are products that will do a better job for less. Chella also makes colored ones (like the Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel or the Benefit Gimmie Brow), which aren't as easily accessible for less, but I haven't tried those. Overall, I say go get the e.l.f. one instead. You can check out my full review of the Chella here, but my thoughts might have changed on it a little after trying a cheaper alternative. 

I used up a whole slew of moisturizers this month. I not only finished up a full size, but also a few samples. Moisturizers are something I can be quite picky about, which is why I like to try samples first before I buy anything. 

I talked about this briefly in my July Mail Time post. I finally got around to testing it out and I absolutely adored this. It feels so luxurious in its glass jar, and I'm in love with how smooth and hydrated it made my skin. However, I'm not in love with the price tag. The texture is kind of light, which doesn't poorly impact the moisturizing qualities, but I think it did impact how quickly I used it up. This 1oz jar was gone in a little over a month, which normally 1oz of moisturizer would last me at least 3-4 times longer than that. I won't be repurchasing, simply because if I had to buy one a month, that would be $720 a year. I could buy 5 years worth of La Mer if I really wanted to (not that I want to) with that kind of money. I think it's the "YouthSpan" anti-aging/already-aging aspect that drives the price of this up, and a no-frills moisturizer is all I really need. Still, this was a wonderful product to use while I had it! 

I had gotten four of these samples as some kind of gift-with-purchase, and after using one of them, I wrote a review (which you can find here). Eight months of blogging later, I'm not sure how I feel about reviewing a product based on only a few days of use, but hey, you live and you learn. I decided to pull out the other three samples I had laying around and use them up. The good news is: my thoughts on this product haven't really changed! It's a wonderful moisturizer with a light, creamy texture that doesn't skimp on the hydration. I didn't really notice much brightening, but I don't have many dark spots or sun spots, so I couldn't say for sure. I never need my moisturizer to last me 24 hours, so I can't really talk about that. I still really enjoyed using it, and if you have combination-dry skin, I recommend giving it a go.  

I don't think I'll be able to start talking about this product and still keep it short. Never have I heard so many people talk about a beauty product as I have about this one. I did a full review on the sample size that you can check out here. Unless you want me to go on a tangent (like I did in the review, oops), I think I'll just end it here. I think I'll end this whole post here. Just like that. Completely abrupt. Now. 

What products have you used up this month?

Disclaimer: I paid for some of these. Others, I got as free samples in department stores or gifts-with purchase. Either way, this post is not sponsored and I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above. College Beauty Buff is not endorsed by any company and does not receive monetary compensation for posts. This post contains affiliate links but they never really make any money so why do I have to say this every damn time omg. 

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