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Target Beauty Box: Spring 2015 Review

Target Beauty Box: Spring 2015 Review

Hello, friends! I feel like I've been absent for so long, even though I'm still posting on the usual Sunday. This week has been a blur of finals, essays, and last hurrahs (Can I get a "hell yeah!" from my fellow college grads?) Next week is Senior Week, so I probably won't be on social media too much then, either. But I'll try to check in when I can to see how you guys are doing!

Let's get to the real reason why we're here: today I want to share with you my first-ever Target Beauty Box! This isn't the first one Target has put out, but it's the first one I've been excited enough to purchase, and I'm so glad I did! 

Target Beauty Box: Spring 2015

Target Beauty Box? What's that?

Years ago, Target used to give out free beauty bags filled with samples to advertise their products (I was all about that life). Recently, over the past couple of seasons, they've taken to charging $5 for them. I originally thought, "Why would I pay money for something that used to be free?" but after having gotten this box, I can see that Target has totally amped up their game. Unlike Birchbox and other beauty subscriptions, these boxes are purchased individually and are released every season. If you're interested in getting one of their beauty boxes, you can check their page here. These boxes sell out like wildfire, so keep an eye out on the Interwebs for the next release date!

Target Beauty Box: Spring 2015

The Target Beauty Boxes come in a sleek, shiny black box. It feels pretty classy for something that costs the same as a Starbucks latte. My only complaint is that there was a lot of rattling around in there, since there wasn't bubble wrap or anything securing the products in place. Much nicer than the simple makeup bags Target used to send their products in, though!

Target Beauty Box: Spring 2015

Here's the info card! I really like the sleek layout of it, but I really wish they'd list the prices. I don't know why they didn't. Even if it was because Targets might sell products at different prices depending on the region, the website still remains the same, right?

The box also included a 20% coupon for Dermstore. I didn't need to purchase anything, but it's still a nice addition in case you wanted to buy something!

Target Beauty Box: Spring 2015

But enough about that. Let's get to the good stuff~

MAYBELLINE Color Elixir by Color Sensational Lip Color in Rose Redefined

I've been wanting to try these for awhile since I've heard such good things! These are supposed to provide the color of a lipstick, the comfort of a lip balm, and the shine of a lip gloss. I'm not going to say it's as comfortable as a lip balm, but they're not any more uncomfortable than any other lip gloss. It's not sticky, but it's not as smooth as the Juice Beauty lip glosses. It has a tiny bit of tackiness to it, which I had no problem with. The color is a perfect everyday shade for me, so I'm stoked about that. It's not mega opaque, but it does provide my lips with some color, and it lasts about the same amount of time any other lip gloss lasts.  I don't think they're "OMG aMaZiNg" like many people on YouTube have said, but they're a good option if you're looking for a lip gloss that'll provide color and shine!

MAYBELLINE Color Elixir by Color Sensational Lip Color in Rose Redefined swatch

L'OREAL PARIS Infallible Pro-Spray & Set
(FULL-SIZE [3.4oz]: $13.99)

L'OREAL PARIS Infallible Pro-Spray & Set

THIS IS IT. I'm so excited that this is in the box. It's a full size $14 product that's pretty new on the market. Urban Decay and Skindinavia have pretty much had a monopoly on the whole setting spray thing, and although there have been a few cheaper options (like e.l.f.) I don't think they've been on par with Sephora-price products. Now that summer is coming up (it's 80 degrees today) I can test the heck out of this. I don't have particularly oily skin, but I don't always like using powder, so this will be fun to play around with. The full price of this is pretty high, considering it's a drugstore product, but it's still half the price of Urban Decay's so I'll take it. 

NEUTROGENA Hydro Boost Gel Cream
(SAMPLE-SIZE value [.25oz]: $2.65) (Full-size cost [1.7oz]: $17.99) 

NEUTROGENA Hydro Boost Gel Cream

I am always happy to try another moisturizer! Since this doesn't have SPF, I'll save this for the evenings. I used to get Neutrogena moisturizers back in the day (I'm talking middle school) so it's been awhile, but I'm excited to try out another one. This sample is really tiny, and like the L'Oreal setting spray, this full size of this is quite expensive for a drugstore product. Have I been asleep this whole time, or did drugstore products get like 50% more expensive recently? Like, did I blink or something? Soon, we're going to need another store that's cheaper than the drugstore to get drugstore level prices again! 

TRESEMME Tres Two Extra Hold Hairspray
(SAMPLE-SIZE value [1.5oz]: $1.47) (Full-size cost [11oz]: $3.89) 

TRESEMME Tres Two Extra Hold Hairspray

I don't use hairspray all that often (I'm still using the Big Sexy Hair hairspray sample from an Ipsy bag two years ago), so I'm happy that I have another tiny sample on hand. I only use it if I'm doing my hair for some kind of special occasion or heat styling (which happens next to never) and need my hairdo to last. This has apparently level four staying power but is "touchable" (I would like to point out that hair is touchable no matter what you put in it), and I like the prospect of my hair not feeling like dry grass after putting hairspray in. I'm incredibly not picky about hairspray, so if you have any particular feelings about this one, let me know what you thought! 

SHEA MOISTURE Superfruit Complex 10-in-1 Renewal System Shampoo

(SAMPLE-SIZE value [3.2oz]: $2.70) (Full-size cost [13oz]: $9.89) 

SHEA MOISTURE Superfruit Complex 10-in-1 Renewal System Shampoo

This is a pretty generous sample, so I'll get a lot of use out of it! According to the info card, this shampoo is sulfate-free. That's actually very convenient, since I've been playing around with the idea of getting fun-colored streaks in my hair again, so this will be good to have on hand if I go through with it. Even though color will fade no matter what, I'd like to try and take all of the precautions I can! I might not hold out that long, though. I've heard good things about this shampoo, and I just want to try it already!

The Stats:

  • Maybelline Lip Elixir: $5.49
  • L'Oreal Setting Spray $13.99
  • Neutrogena Moistuizer: $2.65
  • Tresemme Hairspray: $1.47
  • Shea Moisture Shampoo: $2.70
  • TOTAL: $26.30 (that's over 5 times what I paid!)

The Best: 
Let's be real--the full-sized L'Oreal makeup setting spray is the star of the show. 

The Worst: 
I'm happy with everything. I don't use hair spray regularly, but I like having a little one on hand in case I need to do my hair for a special occasion. (Because paying for a full-size and hardly using it is just sad)

The Verdict: 
I am so happy I opted in for the Target Beauty Box this season! Normally I don't see anything I need, but when I saw that we were getting a Maybelline Color Elixir and L'Oreal's new setting spray, I practically threw Target my money. I would have been happy paying $5 for the L'Oreal, so getting all of this stuff for the price is an insane deal. I'm definitely going to keep my eye out for the summer box, now. 

What did you think of this season's Target Beauty Box? Have you gotten them before?

Sammi the Beauty Buff

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