Thursday, May 19, 2016

The FOREO LUNA Cleansing Tool: It's For Your Face

Hi, friends! I bet some of you are wondering what this weird-looking pink thing is, right? No, it's not something you'll find in a sex shop (get your mind out of the gutter). It's a skincare tool called the Foreo Luna, and it's to be used on the face

I've been using this product since February, so this review is honestly way overdue (but at least I've tested it enough, right?). I talked about this little gadget in my March Favorites and promised to write more about it, and that time is now.


Foreo is a Swedish brand that makes skincare tools, cleansers, and (surprisingly) toothbrushes. They've been getting a lot of media hype from Vogue and other magazines, as well as the online beauty community.

Their cleansing tools are limited to the Luna, Luna Mini, and now the Luna 2 and Luna Mini 2. From what I've read, they're all extremely similar, just with a few differences. Today I'll be reviewing the original Luna.

I like that they have a small range of products. It kind of reminds me of the pizzeria I used to go to that only did pizza, not even garlic knots, because they didn't want to take their efforts away from making the best pizza they could. That's not to say they don't have plans for the future, because it's not I'm on that level with Foreo or anything, but for now that's where they're at.

About the LUNA

The original Luna come in three types: 1) Sensitive/Normal Skin, 2) Combination Skin, and 3) Ultra Sensitive Skin. They only seem to have a few differences from each other, such as the size and shape of the bristles, but I picked up the Sensitive/Normal Skin based on their short questionnaire (where it says "Begin Your Consultation).

They also come in a few different colors. I picked the pink one, because I could.

So, what exactly is it? Well, I'll tell you. It's a vibrating, pulsating, silicone tool (for your face) that cleanses the skin. It claims to be more effective than your hands, due to the fact it can really get in there and scrub deep. (#Deep)

It claims to make skin healthier, radiant, and smoother in just three days, as well as:

  • Exfoliate dead skin
  • Unclog pores
  • Remove makeup residue
  • Reduce the signs of aging

All while being completely waterproof. They seem pretty confident, huh? We'll talk about that in a minute. 

Price and Availability 

  • The original Luna is priced at $169
  • Comes with a charger, pouch, how-to guide, and a two-year warranty
  • No additional brush heads required (unlike other cleansing tools)

Retailers: AmazonBloomingdale's, Foreo, SephoraUlta (on sale for $135!)

How It Works

As I said earlier, the thing about this cleansing tool is that it's supposed to be better than washing your face with your hands. 

The circle near the bottom is the power button. It vibrates for a minute: pulsing after 15 seconds for each cheek, 15 for the forehead, and 15 for the nose. It pulses when you should move on to the next area, but it's kind of faint, so for the first few days I found myself looking for the flash of blue light, until I got used to feeling for it. 

For those of you who aren't used to using cleansing tools, one minute seems to be the standard amount of time. It might feel like a long time if you're not used to it, but it goes by really fast! And you know your skin is really clean, which is a plus.  

After the minute's up, it still continues to run. I like to quickly go in around my jaw and my neck before shutting it off. Once you apply your skincare products, you're supposed to press the button again to massage your skin for a minute with the reverse "Anti-Aging" side (shown above). It's supposedly good for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, as well as making the skin appear firmer. It's stated to help your skincare products soak in better, too. 

The little hole on the bottom is where you plug in the charger. It baffles me how this tool is completely waterproof, but I don't question it. 

These are the little bristles that do all the work. They vibrate against your face, unlike other cleansing brushes, which oscillate or sometimes turn in a complete circle. I think this is why it's so much gentler than other tools. 

A closer look at the power button. The - and + signs beside it are for the speeds. It has eight speeds, though I haven't found a reason to go above the lowest setting.

My Experience 

My skin is technically Combination, since my pores are larger in my T-zone than they are on my nose, though it often feels tight until I put on moisturizer. My two main concerns are dryness and blackheads, because my skin can get a little dry and flaky, which not only feels uncomfortable but can also clog pores. Gross, right? I look for products and tools that will help me with that.

Finally, what do I think of the tool? Well, I've been using it almost daily since February, and we're still going strong! It's much gentler than I expected, so using it that often hasn't irritated my skin like I thought it would. Actually, I've found that it doesn't exfoliate as strongly as I though it would, so I guess it's similar to just using a soft washcloth. Sometimes, I still feel the need to use my BHA chemical exfoliant after it (mostly for the dead skin that gathers around my nose--skincare isn't always pretty, folks).

I would like to point out the ridiculously long-lasting charge, though. Besides its initial charge (in February), I haven't had to plug it in once. It's May now, f.y.i., and I haven't had to recharge it once! What kind of crazy battery is in there? Or maybe the technology is simpler than I thought, and it doesn't take a lot of power to run. No clue, but wow. 

At the fresh young age of 22, I don't really have problems with wrinkles and fine lines, so the Anti-Aging side is lost on me. I tried it for awhile, for the sake of this blog, but (shockingly) I didn't see a difference. That was to be expected, but unfortunately it means I can't really determine how well it works. 

Also, when I was using the Anti-Aging side over my moisturizer, it just felt like it was picking it up off my face rather than helping it "soak in." I feel like my skin does its job of absorbing product just fine.  

To be noted: if you don't press the power button again after cleansing to initiate the Anti-Aging side, it shuts off automatically after a minute or two.  I like to take my sweet time brushing my teeth and applying my serum/moisturizer, so usually I don't make it in time. And It's not like I'm about to race through my routine to use it. You could always turn it on again--it's not a big deal--but just something I've noticed. 

When I had a sinus infection, it felt nice to hold it up to my face for a little bit, if that helps. 

The Verdict


  • Gentle (not likely to irritate if used daily)
  • Easy to use
  • Might be more hygienic than other tools (silicone can be washed with soap and water)
  • No need to purchase additional brush heads
  • Changeable speeds
  • Holds charge for a ridiculously long time 
  • Completely waterproof
  • 2-year warranty


  • Definitely a splurge
  • Could be deemed unnecessary in a skincare routine
  • Unsure of Anti-Aging's mode effectiveness 
  • Claims seem a little overblown

Overall, I've been enjoying using this product. A lot of people don't clean their skin as well as they think they are, so a tool like this is really good for making sure all of the makeup, dirt, and oil is off. If you're already really good about using a washcloth, or if you "double-cleanse" with a makeup remover beforehand, this probably isn't necessary.

I don't think this is your be-all-end-all problem solver. You're still going to need to use other products with it, like a moisturizer and something that exfoliates well if you aren't already.

It's gentle enough to use everyday, so I've been using it every night and enjoying it. That being said, I don't think everyone needs to run out and spend $100+ on one of these, because that's a big investment. If you already have a Clarisonic (old blog post alert), you definitely don't need this, but I have both and I use them interchangeably. If you're into skincare and want to try using a cleansing tool, I think you'll be happy with this.

If you're interested in trying a Luna but the price is scaring you off, go for the Mini (which is $30 cheaper than the original), or wait for a sale/coupon code like I did. 

Do you use a cleansing tool to wash your face?

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Disclaimer: I purchased this product myself. Not sponsored. Some affiliate links included.