Thursday, August 8, 2013

10 Random Facts About Me

Hey, friends! Today is a fun get-to-know-the-girl-behind-the-laptop post: the 10 Random Facts About Me tag. I was tagged to do this by Kriselle over at Through the Eyes of a Cali Girl, so go check out her blog! The design is adorable and she has a lot of fun things on there, from nail designs and Outfit of the Days, to other posts about her life and school. If you visit, be sure to tell her I say hello, as she's a fellow Her Campus blogger. :)

1) I am a little grossed out by feet in general, so in order to deal with the fact that I have feet, I always keep mine nice. I make sure to use a foot scrub to keep them soft and 99% of the time they are painted--the other 1% of the time, I am removing nail polish to paint them again. Maybe I have a problem. Oh well.

2) I played the oboe in the school band back in 4th grade. It didn't last very long, and I had really bad buck teeth back in elementary school before I got my braces so I went through so many reeds. It only lasted for that one year, but it was still an experience.

3) I used to have a birth mark on my right palm, but as I got older, it's faded quite a bit. If you squint and know exactly where to look, you might be able to find it, but I think without the memory of its existence, it's basically impossible.

4) My socks have to match. Wearing non-matching socks isn't even an option. It's not right.

5) I'm the youngest in my family. I have two older brothers that are 10 years and 13 years older than me! Crazy, right?

6) If I love a song, I will listen to it over and over again, until I hate it. And then I'll never be able to listen to it ever again. It's awful! But I'm working on it!

7) I am not a morning person. My previous college roommates have confirmed that I only speak in grunts for the first hour or so after I wake up. Oops. Mornings are hard.

8) I was a bit of a tomboy growing up. Most of my friends were boys, and of course I hung out with my brothers. It wasn't until 7th or 8th grade that I really started to channel my girly side. Even then, I didn't really get into makeup until college(!).

9) Whenever I go to a new pizzeria, I always get a slice of regular cheese pizza with mushrooms. It's sort of my control group for testing how much I like their pizza. Is this system accurate? Probably not, but it's a really tasty system.

10) Up until the end of middle school, my hair was incredibly long. It had grown the middle of my butt, actually, and I kept it at that length for a very long time. Then, one day near the end of 8th grade, I decided that I wanted to cut it all off, so I donated 14 inches to Locks of Love and it still reached a little bit past my shoulders. It's never gotten that long, but right now it's down to the middle of my back!

I also tag 10 of my fellow bloggers:

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And I also tag all of YOU lovely readers! Comment below with a random fact about you! You can even do all 10, if you want. I hope this was fun for you! See you next time!

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