Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Currently Coveting: Amika Hair Tools & Products

Hey, everyone! Today I'm writing a different kind of post, almost like a review without actually owning the actual product. I wanted to share with you the glory that is Amika Curling Wands and hair products.

Disclaimer: This post isn't sponsored and I'm not affiliated with Amika. I'm just a poor college girl who wants to have pretty hair all the time. 

I never knew this brand existed until about a week ago when I went to the Her Campus National Intercollegiette Conference. Representatives from BCBG had set up a small Beauty Bar there, and were styling girls' hair with Amika products and tools. Being the curious (and lazy) person that I am,I got in line to get my hair done. The woman who styled my hair was an absolute joy, friendly and and fun, and we chatted the whole time. I was really inquisitive about the brand and their products, so she told me all about the line of heat tools and hair products.

Curling wands are a fairly recent invention, similar to a curling iron but without the troublesome clip. I always found curling my hair to be a hassle and never did it that often, but a curling wand is a little easier to use. There's less "clip and twist" and more of just twirling the hair up onto the wand and letting it go. It simply eliminates a step, and it makes things so much easier--especially when you get to the back of your head (which is enough of a challenge as it is).

Pro-Tip: When unraveling a curl from the wand, catch it in your hand, before letting it fall. The force of the hair falling straight down while it's "fresh off the press" can partially undo your hard work, since the hair is so hot. Catching it in your hand first will prevent that from happening.

.4 fl oz sample

She prepped my hair with a few dabs of their Obliphica Oil Treatment ($34 for 3.38 fl oz) as a heat protectant and shine serum. The oil is lighter than others I've tried, and didn't weigh down my hair or make it feeling greasy. She distributed it throughout my whole hair, even at my roots (which made me nervous, but she assured me it was okay). It contains vitamins (like Omega 3, 6, 7, and 9), nutrients, good fatty acids, antixoidants for your hair to keep it healthy and shiny and protect from UV rays. It has a pleasant scent, and with all of the Omegas in it, I was surprised that it didn't smell a bit like fish (since people often take fish oils to get Omega 3/7/etc). As a bonus, it's also paraben-free and doesn't contain any artificial coloring. I was a little fascinated by it, so she gave me a generously-sized free sample. I'm obsessed.

It only took the woman about 15 minutes to curl my whole head (bless her soul). And let me tell you: my hair is very straight and curls for no one. She used the lightest amount of their Obliphica Touchable Hairspray ($21 for 10 fl oz) on it, just spraying a little bit on her fingers and running it through my hair. Not only did the curls last the whole day, but I slept on them, and the next day my hair was still extremely curly. It was beautiful. I wished I could wake up every morning and have my hair be curly.

.2 oz sample

She also gave me a packet of their Obliphica Leave-in Cream ($24 for 8.5 fl oz) and a generous sample of their Obliphica Dry Shampoo ($21 for 5.3 oz). Their products are out of my price range, but if one of these products completely wins me over, I wouldn't be opposed to splurging. That oil treatment is magical, I swear.

1 oz. sample

The curling wands come in a variety of different sizes (25mm / 1 inch, 13mm / .5 inch, etc.) and a bunch of fun designs. Amika curling wands go for around $110-$130, depending on the size/color/retailer. My whole BCBG/Amika experience was amazing, and I'm really excited to try out these samples on my own! I had a great time at the Her Campus Conference, and if you'd like to know more about it, comment below!

What's on your wishlist right now?

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