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Beauty Buff Favorites of 2014: Makeup (Lips)

Beauty Buff Favorites of 2014: Makeup (Lips)

Hi, friends! Today we're continuing the walk down memory lane with my favorite lip products of the year. This includes everything from lip balm to lip treatment to lipstick. So, let's get into it! If you'd like to see last year's favorites, click here

Lip Scrub:
(Save) ELF Lip Exfoliator ($3)
(Splurge) FORTUNE COOKIE SOAP Talkin' Smack Lip Scrub ($9)

(Save) ELF Lip Exfoliator ($3) (Splurge) FORTUNE COOKIE SOAP Talkin' Smack Lip Scrub ($9)
Left: E.L.F. Lip Exfoliator
Right: Fortune Cookie Soap Lip Scrub

These are my two most-used lip scrubs of the year. Of course, the cheapest and simplest lip scrub is simply mixing sugar and honey, but if you're a college student like me and don't have many kitchen ingredients around, it's easier to just purchase one. I mean, what am I going to do with a huge bag of sugar in my room?

The e.l.f. lip scrub is great because it comes formed in a lipstick tube, which makes it really convenient for on-the-go (aka moving back and forth between home and school). It's also formulated with a bunch of different oils, and has a slightly balmy texture, though I would still follow up with a lip balm. Lasts forever, and it's only $3!

Fortune Cookie Soap's lip scrubs are formulated more in the traditional sense, with the sugar particles in the small jar. You can get them in a ton of different scents, and if you get a quarterly soap box and fall in love with a scent, you can most likely get it in a lip scrub! I received the No Good Deed scent in my Fall 2014 box, and loved it so much I bought it in a lip scrub! I don't feel like lip scrubs across the board are that different, since they're almost always made with sugar, so just find one you like the smell/taste of and you're good to go.

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Everyday Lip Balm: YES TO CARROTS Lip Butter ($3)

Everyday Lip Balm: YES TO CARROTS Lip Butter ($3)

This lip balm has lived in my backpack cosmetics bag this year! I find it to be a little more moisturizing than the usual Chapstick, but it still comes conveniently packed in a tube. I'm not a fan of the Melon scent (it comes in four different varieties), and frankly I wish it just came in unscented, but you learn to ignore it after awhile. Great for everyday!

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Heavy Duty Lip Balm: AQUAPHOR Lip Repair ($5)

Heavy Duty Lip Balm: AQUAPHOR Lip Repair ($5)

This product is the reason I have survived attending school in New England so far! My lips can get so dry and chapped that it's painful, and Aquaphor is the only product that provides any relief. It feels better upon contact, and if you keep applying it, your lips are back to normal in a day or so. If it's really cold and windy out, sometimes I'll apply this before I leave the building to prevent them getting chapped. 
Tinted Lip Balm: CARMEX Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm in Pink ($3)

Tinted Lip Balm: CARMEX Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm in Pink ($3)

I'm a little obsessed with tinted lip balm, and this is the one I wore the most. It provides a sheer wash of pinky color and it has a nice, balmy texture. It's not ultra hydrating, but it works like an everyday lip balm, and it's pretty! They come in a couple of different colors, and I would be interested in seeing what other ones I can get my hands on. I also like that the tube looks like a lipstick tube, which make me feel like I'm putting more effort into my appearance than I really am (because I'm lazy).

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(Runner-Up: NYX Color Lip Balm in Thank You 

Lipstick: REVLON Colorburst Lip Butter ($8.50)

Lipstick: REVLON Colorburst Lip Butter ($8.50)
Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter (Shown: Top - Red Velvet, Bottom -Tutti Frutti)

Last year I was a lip gloss girl all the way, but this year the tables have turned! I almost never wore lip gloss this year, instead opting for a moisturizing lipstick that offers both opaque color and shine. Like last year, that lipstick was the Revlon Lip Butters! So far I have three of these babies in my collection, and much like Pokemon, I gotta catch 'em all! These are basically everything I want in a lipstick--moisturizing, opaque (but not too scary), a little glossy--and they're sold in the drugstore. What more could you want?  

Well, that's everything lip-wise for 2014! Stay tuned next week for the final post in this installment--eye makeup! 

What were your favorite lip products this year? 

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Disclaimer: I purchased all of these with my own money because I'm an independent woman pt 3.