Monday, July 13, 2015

Two Week Blogging Hiatus!?

Hello, friends! I am unfortunately not here with a fun, new post, but rather a quick update. The Beauty Buff Blog will be going on a short two-week hiatus. Why you ask? Well...

  • My laptop is broken

  1. Typing on a tablet sucks and is very slow
  2. The Internet does not like mobile anything
  3. I cannot insert my camera-s SD card into my tablet 
  4. Resulting in terrible or nonexistent photos


  • My internship is finishing up

  1. I work a lot of hours, six days a week?
  2. I barely have any free time to write (or photograph inevitably terrible pictures)
  3. On my one day off I like to not be working (I know, what a bum, right?)

And finally, the most important:

  • I don't like putting out posts I'm not proud of.

  1. I stumbled through last week's post
  2. Blog posts without nice pictures makes everything look poorly done and dirty. I like to at least try to have good pictures (And they'll be even better with my new camera)!
  3. I want to put out posts with substance, not ones that are short just because I got tired of typing on a tablet.

I know this post might seem very whiny and me-me-me to some of you, but I just wanted to bring all of you up to speed. I thought you all had the right to know why there wouldn't be any posts for a bit. Because you guys matter so much to me, and I wouldn't want to churn out crappy posts just to stay active! 

In two weeks, my internship will be over, and I'm hoping my laptop will be fixed. And then I will be back to producing quality content on this blog! 

How is life going for you lately? Hopping aboard the #strugglebus with me? Hm... "The StruggleBus with Sammi." It worries me how catchy that sounds.