Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Haul: Physician's Formula Concealers

Good evening (or whatever time it is where you are)! I just came back from CVS and I am beyond excited to share what I bought with you!

I stopped in to CVS on my way home from rehearsal, just because I pass it on the way, when I saw that there is a current sale going on: $6 off all Physician's Formula products! Say what? I own a few of their products, and I like them, but they are just completely overpriced (some of their products are even $15, which is extreme for drugstore makeup). Also, I think all of their claims are bogus (their Happy Booster Blush does not make me happier. The cute packaging makes me smile, but other than that, it's a waste of breath). Anyway, I just had to purchase a few things, and I'm pretty frugal so you know it's a good deal!

I'm not too familiar with their eye makeup, but a good friend of mine is obsessed with their ConcealRx, so I picked up one of those in shade Natural Light.

She likes to use it for under-eye circles and blemishes. When I swatched it on my hand (see picture below), it seemed kind of thick, and I'm not sure if I would want something so thick under my eye (it's a delicate area, and it might look cakey), but we'll see. 

I decided to pick up the green one as well, since it was so cheap and I might never have the opportunity again to try their products for such a low price.

I have a lot of redness on and around my nose, and I thought this would be nice to cover that up. It seemed to work pretty well when testing it on the redness on my hand, but I can't be sure until I try it for real.

These both retail for $9.49 for .49oz but I got them for $3.49! What a steal! 

(Side Note: Don't judge me for my awfully chipped nail polish! Painting (scenery) really does a number on my nail polish, so I like to paint them Wednesday nights after my shifts on the paint deck are done for the week. That means tonight I get to repaint them!).

While I was there, I figured I would try some other things (why not?). I picked up their Gentle Cover Concealer Stick in Light.

 I know what you're thinking: why does she need ANOTHER new concealer? Well, because it was on sale for 79 cents, that's why! And because this one seemed to need a little less work and blending, so it would be good when I'm running late (read: all the time). I  also picked up the one in Yellow for under-eye circles, but I was actually recently thinking that I was running out of under-eye concealer (and concealer in general!)

I like to use something a little more peach in color, but we'll see how this works. They're meant to be layered, so the Light one would go on top of the Yellow one (which makes sense--I don't want to look like I have jaundice!)

These retail for $6.79 for .15oz and I got them on sale for 79 cents each! That's insane!

In total, I spent $8.56 before tax for all of these items. Crazy right? I actually had to go to my friend's room just to tell her about it, and then she got so excited she went right away and took me with her (so I went, again). They're stocked full of powders and mineral makeup and eye makeup, but they're almost out of concealer, so if you're interested I would head over there ASAP!

Below are some quick swatches. I will be doing full in-depth reviews of all of these in the future, so stay tuned!

(Top: ConcealRX ~ Bottom: Gentle Cover Concealer Sticks)

What have you purchased recently?

With love,

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Disclaimer: To restate the obvious, I purchased these products with my own money and am in no way being compensated for this review (I wish I was, though!)