Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Monthly Favorites: April 2013

Hi everyone! April is over, which means it's time for my April favorites! It is also the end of the semester, but I do not have any semester favorites...

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB 8-in-1 Beauty Balm Skin Perfector Light Sheer Tint ($9 ~ 1 oz) - I bought this after a friend recommended it to me. It's definitely not a true BB cream, but rather one of the typical Western ones (as in the Western Hemisphere), but I like it anyway. The first time I tried it, I'll admit that I wasn't a fan, since I had acne and nasty stuff going on that this didn't cover up. Over the past few months, however, my face has cleared up a lot. I have a lot less to cover up and I think this gives a nice dewey glow to my face. I think it's actually a little bit too dewey (between this and my moisturizer), but after a bit of translucent power, it looks just fine. I've found it lasts all day, but I have a feeling people with oily skin would disagree. If you have dry skin, normal skin, or combination skin (like me!), I recommend it. It doesn't provide a lot of coverage--when they say "Sheet Tint," they mean it--but I've found that I can double it up using a concealer brush for a little more coverage around the sides of my nose where girls typically get red. Also, if you're going to be taking photos, I do not recommend wearing this because it has SPF 30 in it and that can cause white face in flash photography! Overall, I'm really enjoying using this product, since it makes me feel like I have a face and not just a mask of makeup on. I feel like my skin can breathe with this, and it just balances out my skin tone a little bit and tones down the redness. This can be found at drugstores and Ulta.

Yes to Tomatoes Face Wipes ($6 ~ 25 wipes) - I purchased these after using up my Yes to Cucumber wipes last month. I think I like these a little more, since there is salicylic acid in them, a common acne-fighting ingredient. I've always found that it works better for me than benzoyl peroxide, which is often too harsh on my sensitive skin. These wipes have somewhat of a scent that I can't put my finger on, but it's not overbearing. People with sensitive noses might be slightly bothered by it, but it doesn't linger on your face so I see no reason to worry. I like to use these in the morning to freshen up, so I don't know how well they remove makeup, but they seem to be okay after testing it on my arm swatches. I've also found that these are less likely to dry out than the Yes to Cucumber ones, though I still recommend storing them in a Glad bag or something that can be sealed. You can find these at your nearest Target store.

Yes to Carrots Lip Butter in Melon ($3 ~ .15oz.) - I got this when I purchased my Yes to Tomatoes Face Wipes. It's a relatively moisturizing lip balm, but I wouldn't go as far as to call it a "lip butter." I like this a lot, but I really dislike the artificial melon scent/taste. I have to try to not breathe as I put it on. But it's so moisturizing, and I've heard the Berry flavor tastes a lot better, so I'll give it some slack. This makes a great base for lipstick/lipgloss, as it keeps the moisture in but isn't so viscous that it messes up what you put over it. It's not as waxy or hard as Chapstick, but still not as moisturizing as more viscous lip balms (ex. Carmex in the tube) or my personal favorite, Vasoline. I'm on the search for the perfect lip balm, so I might not repurchase this for awhile (and I really have SO much lip balm) but I would never not recommend it. It's a good, average lip balm, and it's $3 so why not? It can be purchased at drugstores.

(I don't know why all of the cream has gathered to one side...)

The Body Shop Body Butter in Mango ($6 ~ 1.75 oz.) - This was in my last favorites post, but I've used it so much this month I felt the need to include it again! It's not as much of a "body butter" as it is a thick creamy moisturizer, which I am completely satisfied with. I work as a Scenic Artist / Scene Painter at the college, painting the sets for the productions, so I have to wash my hands/arms often to get the paint off. I like to keep this in my purse and put it on when I'm done for the day and it makes me smell nice and not feel as gross and dry. I'll admit it: they're a little greasy, but I don't mind that and they just smell SO good! I've been dying to get the Strawberry scent, but I really can't justify buying it right now when I have so much lotion lying around. But someday it will be mine! These can be found at The Body Shop (but it looks like they've changed the packaging since I've purchased mine. Hmm). They always have really good sales on the body butters, so I say wait until there's a sale so you get a better deal (though I do think it's worth full price if you can't wait). 

(Look at it! It's almost a solid!)

Perlier Body Butter with Citrus Extract - Now THIS is what I call a "Body Butter!" I got a variety (5) pack for $20 on HSN, and then there was a problem with one so they sent me another 5 pack for free to compensate for the trouble (and because I was in the middle of a blizzard here in Boston so I couldn't send them the current ones I had). Unfortunately, that was a promotion before the official release, so now they're $17.50 each (+ $3.95 S&H). It's crazy. I still love it though. But one will last you forever. I will literally have body butter for the rest of my life. And it's like actual butter, like churned-from-the-cow consistency. Awesome for elbows, knees, ankles, and any rough patches of skin. It's magical. And it's Italian! I like to use this on my ankles, knees, elbows, and any other rough patches that suffered the cold winter this past season. It can be purchased via this link. I don't know if I would spend $17.50 on one, personally, but I've never seen a product like it so I have no dupes to share with you. If they have a special where there's a multi-pack, I definitely recommend snatching it up!

Smashbox Cream Eyeliner in Midnight Brown - I've written a full review on this product, so I'm not going to go much into it. Basically, this is my favorite eyeliner of all time and I will cry deeply when I run out because as far as I know, Smashbox does not make this shade anymore (not to mention they don't even make these in individual pots anymore).

Revlon Eyelash Curler ($4) - There's sort of a debate as to whether or not people should invest in designer (ex. Chanel, Shu Uemura) eyelash curlers, or just inexpensive ones. Personally, I say don't go too cheap (the elf. Eyelash Curler is supposedly great as clipping your eyelashes off!) but go to an inexpensive brand you've had a good experience with. I like my Revlon one because it's spring-activated and always gives my straight lashes a nice curl that lasts all day. Designer ones usually run around $20, which is a lot for an eyelash curler, but it'll probably last you a really long time. They're more expensive, but supposedly they're shaped to fit your eye better so it curls even those baby lashes on the ends. Personally, I'm managing with my Revlon one and I think it does an awesome job, and it was less than a quarter of the price. Maybe when I have money to blow, I'll buy one, but for now this one gets the job done well so I see no reason to "upgrade."

CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara in Black Brown - Another product I've previously raved about! People have actually asked me if I was wearing false lashes when I was wearing this! Nope, just  this mascara and my trust Revlon Eyelash Curler. ;) (Which is nice, because I don't have the patience to deal with false lashes, or the budget). It flakes the slightest bit on me after hours of wear, but it doesn't give me raccoon eyes and I love the amount of volume you get, even after one coat. You can find it at any local drugstore, WalmartTarget, and Ulta.

Wen Cleansing Conditioner - This is my Holy Grail (HG) conditioner! I don't use it in the way it was made to be used (which is more of a shampoo/conditioner), so I plan to write an in-depth post just about how I utilize it. After all, beauty products are meant to be experimented with to find the best method for you! You can find these on their self-titled website or QVC in various sizes and scents.

Song of the Month: Thrift Shop (Grandpa Remix) by Scott Bradlee. I can't even handle it. I've played it an embarrassing amount of times according to my iTunes, but it's just so catchy! You can listen to and purchase it here. It's a pay-whatever-you-want kind of deal, so I paid 50 cents, but I think now it's 99 cents. It's wonderful and completely worth it. Plus, it's so different from the original that I can justify listening to them back to back. You can listen to it on YouTube if you want, but if you really like it you should really support the artist.

What are your favorite things this month?

With love,