Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Review: MAC Eyeshadow in Bold & Brazen

I love MAC eyeshadows; they feel like silk and they glide on like a dream. They're always very pigmented, and you get what you pay for. Some people don't like paying $18 for one pot of eyeshadow, and some people don't mind. I don't have too many eyeshadows from MAC (as the typical college student, they don't exactly fit into my budget), but this is one I am so happy to own.


Bold & Brazen is a shimmery, copper color. I feel like it's one of those colors that can really be "dressed up or dressed down," in the makeup sense. You can wear it with a light shimmery color for daytime or pair it with darker colors for a smokey nighttime look. I think it's really versatile, especially since it is in the copper family (leaning a little towards the pinky-orangey side). It goes on smoothly and blends effortlessly. I really can't think of any complaints.

(Left: Natural Light - Right: Flash)

Oh, wait. I have a complaint: this eyeshadow is from the 2008 Starflash collection. :( However: MAC often re-promotes a lot of their products. Silver lining: there is a dupe! It is almost identical to  Expensive Pink, which is a shade in MAC's permanent collection. Expensive Pink just has a tad more pink (which makes sense, hense the name), but you can't even tell the difference when it's on your eye. Unfortunately, I don't have it to swatch for you (if I'm going to spend money on a MAC eyeshadow, I won't put it towards one of the exact same color). But I assure you, they're very similar!

(Left: Natural Light [sorry it got dark out by the time I took this!] - Right: Flash )

I do not recommend searching on Amazon or Ebay for it unless you know what to look for, because there are a lot of fakes out there. I would rather buy a drugstore eyeshadow than a fake MAC product, because you don't know what ingredients are used  and it could be potentially harmful to your skin (these are your EYES, people!).

MAC eyeshadows run for about $18 each (for .05 oz.) right now and can be found at any MAC counter in department stores or at free-standing MAC stores. If you live near a Cosmetics Company outlet, you also have a good chance of finding a limited edition eyeshadow, and for cheaper!

With love,

What's your favorite MAC eyeshadow?

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Disclaimer: This product was purchased with my own money. I am in no way being compensated for this review (I wish I was, though!)