Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Current Makeup Routine, Part Two: Eye and Lips

Hey, friends! I'm back today with part two of my current makeup routine. Before I get into everything, I'd just like to apologize for the decreased frequency in blog posts for the next couple of weeks. I'm doing a really grueling internship from now until the end of July, so posts won't come as often as they usually do (I started Monday, so already posts have slowed down). I promise you, there will be at least one post a week. I just wanted you all to know that I'm not going anywhere--I'm just really busy!

If you didn't see Part One (my everyday face makeup), you can click here.

Chella Defining Brow Gel (Sample size. Full size: $18 ~ .2fl oz)

I received this product in an Ipsy bag months back and wrote a whole review on it here. I like this because it tames my brows, which are thick and only slightly unruly, and it’s super easy to apply. It’s essentially mascara for your eyebrows. Some people like to use clear mascara instead of brow gel for locking their brows in place, but I’ve found that clear mascara makes them feel just a little more crunchy than brow gel, so I prefer to get one made for eyebrows. If you use a clear mascara on your brows and find that it still leaves them relatively soft, post in the comments and let me know! I love learning new things. J

Mai Couture Highlighter Papier (Sample Pack. Full size: $28 ~ 50 sheets)

I received a sample of these in my Ipsy Glam Bag back in December 2012, and I never really used them until now. Since I'm living with a friend for a few weeks (due to the internship), I wanted to bring as much travel-friendly makeup as possible. These are really great because they're multi-functional and take up so little space in my makeup bag! I don't really use these for highlighting (they're a little dark for my skin to be a highlight), but they do add a nice shimmer and light tan color to my eyelids. So, I've been using them as an all-over eyelid color. They're quick and easy to use, and they're talc-and-paraben-free. (Here is why I don't like Talc, and here is why I don't like parabens). I don't know if I would repurchase these, simply because I have plenty of eyeshadow, but they're really fun to play around with! I'm sure I could find more uses for them if I really wanted to.

L'Oreal Wear Infinite Perle Eyeshadow Single in Copper Penny ($4 ~ .1oz)

I'll be honest; this is over two years old and I don't even know if they make this color anymore. However, it's still perfectly good and hasn't caused any irritation, otherwise I would no longer use it obviously. This is my go-to crease color, since it adds a natural depth to my eyes without making it obvious. It has a little bit of shimmer but it's not detectable unless it catches the sunlight in a certain way. I've actually been applying this to my crease with my finger, because I didn't want to have to bring and wash any eye brushes. Brushes are just a novelty, anyway.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencil in Zero (Travel sized. Full size: $19 ~ .04oz)

Normally, I prefer brown eyeliner (or even eyeshadow as eyeliner), for a softer look in the summer. However, seeing as I tried to bring as few makeup brushes with me as possible, I brought along this pencil because it was the most hassle-free eyeliner I had. To make this work for daytime (and not overpower my fair skin/blue eyes/blonde hair) I just smudge a very thin line of this along my upper lash line. As a result, it doesn't really look like a line of black, but rather just makes my lashes look a little fuller. I think it makes black eyeliner, at least on me, look a little less intense for running around during the day. Plus, this is waterproof so it stays all day! It certainly won't stay in my waterline, but on the upper lash line it doesn't budge!
Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil ($18 ~ .05 oz)

This was my favorite item (and really, the only item I’ll use) from this month's Ipsy bag. I’ve been lining my waterline with it and using it as a brow bone highlight, just because it’s a little dark for a cheekbone highlight for me. I don’t like a super-noticeable brow bone highlight, so I enjoy using it for that since it’s nice and subtle. My favorite way to use this is definitely on my waterline, though.  My eyes water like crazy (don’t ask me why, there are probably so many reasons that I’m just not aware of) and if I try to line my eyes with black or a dark color, it’ll end up on my lower lash line within an hour or two. However, no matter how much my eyes water, you won’t see this on my lower lash line. It doesn’t stay that long—because nothing will stay that long on your waterline—but it’s not visible on my lower lash line since it’s basically the color of my skin. Swag! I find that this wakens my eyes up just a little bit in the morning (Hello, 5am wake-up time) and it looks really natural. As you all know, I am a big fan of the no-makeup-makeup-look, so this is just perfect for me. I recommend it, but there’s probably a cheaper alternative somewhere if you don’t want to spend $18 for a pencil.

Revlon Eyelash Curler ($6)

I talked about how much I liked this in my April Favorites. My lashes grow straight down, and this curler really helps perk them up for mascara! Honestly, if I had the money to splurge on a more expensive one (Shu Uemura, Chanel, etc.), I probably still wouldn’t do it. Sure, they’re shaped a little bit differently, but I think this one works really well and I just don’t see a reason to. Maybe because $20 is a third of my grocery budget for the week, but there are just so many other things I’d rather spend my money on. 

CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara in Black Brown ($7 ~ .44fl oz)

This is the mascara I’m using right now. I only have one tube opened at a time, just because I can’t use more than that before they expire. Mascara should really be thrown out every 3-6 months, and as it is I can barely finish a mascara in that time period, so using more than one at a time is just silly to me. All in all, I love this mascara and would repurchase it again and again. For more information, you can read my full review here.  

Yes to Carrots Lip Butter in Melon ($3 ~ .15oz)

This lip balm makes a great base for lipstick or any other lip product, as I said in my April Favorites. I wouldn’t call it a lip butter, but it’s a nice lip balm. The artificial melon scent used to bother me, but I’ve gotten used to it. I really like the whole Yes To line, so I would repurchase this again, but I just wish they made an unscented version. Not that I dislike scented products, but I’m really just not a fan of this one.

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti ($8 ~ .09oz)

I really loved the Revlon Lip Butter in Red Velvet back in March, so when I got a $3-off-Revlon coupon from CVS, I decided to get another one in a more summery color. I love the Lip Butter line as a whole because they make bold colors that are mild enough for people who get shy wearing bold makeup. Tutti Frutti is a beautiful coral shade with great color-payoff that can also be buildable if you so choose. I originally went in looking for Juicy Papaya from this summer’s Pacific Coast collection, but I’m really happy with this purchase!

Well, that’s everything! Simple, right? I like to wear as little makeup as possible in the summer, just because no one looks good with makeup running down their face! Sometimes, to be honest, I’ll just apply my concealer, brow gel, and mascara and run out the door. I find that less is more in the summer, plus your skin looks better in the sun if you have less on it! The hot sun seems to advertise “I’m wearing lots of makeup!” so I like to keep it simple and quick. Plus, I don’t have air conditioning, so before I walk out the door my efforts will be wasted anyway. When I am doing a “full” face of makeup in the summer, this is my routine. I hope you enjoyed it!

What’s in your summer makeup bag?