Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sample Review: Korres Wild Rose Moisturizer

Hey, friends! I've been trying to use up some of the samples I have lying around (I'm a freebie hoarder, it's kind of a problem), and I just finished up a packet of the Korres Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturizing and Brightening Creme. So, I thought I would share what I thought with you!

One thing I really liked about this moisturizer is the fact that it's made without parabens (many beauty junkies steer away from this since it is suggested to up your chances of getting breast cancer), sulfates (remove natural oils, thus can be very drying), synthetic dyes (which are just unnecessary), and other nasty chemicals. Instead, this contains plylic acid and wild rose oil (which just sounds so luxurious, doesn't it?), which is supposed to help whiten your complexion by lightening age spots and discoloration awhile plumping up fine lines and wrinkles. I don't have wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, or discoloration so I can't vouch for that. However, this does contain olive oil, which I think assisted the moisturizing properties. 

This .05 oz sample is deceiving--it lasted me a whole week, once daily. Sometimes I used it at night, other times in the morning. It's lightweight and sinks into your skin quickly,, and it doesn't leave my skin feeling tacky like my beloved Olay Night of Olay Firming Cream that I mentioned in last month's favorites. For me, it was light enough for daytime, yet moisturizing for nighttime. I absolutely love lighter creams that don't skimp on the moisture. This contains SPF 6 (which is only a little bit better than nothing), so when I wore it out during the day I liked to wear a BB cream over it (I liked the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream because it's very moisturizing and contains SPF 30--another May favorite). I found that this moisturizer made my skin incredibly smooth, almost like the texture of wearing a hydrating primer, so I thought it was perfect to wear under a BB cream. The duo of this moisturizer and a moisturizing (with a higher SPF than 6) BB cream was the perfect combination for me. Though, I did not find this moisturizer to be too light for night. Normally, I would say switch out an SPF moisturizer for one with more hydrating properties (since sometimes SPF moisturizers compromise the hydration in a moisturizer since they're meant for daytime), but since this one had only 6, I didn't really feel it impacted it too much. I still prefer a thicker nighttime cream, but if you wanted to, you could easily use this both night and day.  However, for people with combination skin like me that have some especially dry patches, I would recommend a thicker night cream. If you have oily skin, this might be too moisturizing for you. 

I don't know about the 24-hour claim, since whenever I cleanse my face (twice a day), I reapply moisturizer. I can say, though, that until I re-cleansed my face, it felt very moisturized. If I applied this before bed, my face wouldn't feel dry when I woke up the next day. I really liked this product!

The Korres Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturizing & Brightening Cream retails for $35 (1.4 oz) (I know, I'm sorry!) and can be found at Sephora. I don't think I will be purchasing the full size in the near future because of the price. I will be keeping my eyes out for a dupe though! If I find one, you'll surely see it in my monthly favorites. :) 

Have you ever tried/sampled a product, wanted to buy it, then found it was too expensive? (That's kind of my life). Let me know in the comments below! 

Disclaimer: I received this sample in a gift-with-purchase sample pack when I bought something from QVC. I am not sponsored by, nor affiliated with, Korres. This post contains my 100% honest opinions.