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Beauty Buff Holiday Wishlist 2014

Beauty Buff Holiday Wishlist 2014

Hi, friends! I hope you're surviving finals week. Today, the Beauty & Fashion Blog Community is sharing their holiday wishlists. The holiday season isn't about the presents, as well all know, but it's always a little fun to be shallow and dream. This isn't necessarily a gift guide, because we're all strapped for cash and I could only dream of being able to afford these products (plus they're really not necessary to achieve happiness or nirvana or whatever). But, if you're an older person you're looking for a gift for the beauty buff in your life, feel free to let this serve as a gift guide. This is essentially my dream list, if I had a forest of money trees growing in my backyard and it meant nothing to me. Let's get started!

Under $25

As college students, we're all strapped for cash. Even though this is my dream world, there are still some products that have a relatively low price tag but still deliver huge results.

Beauty Buff Holiday Wishlist 2014

1. BATH & BODY WORKS Winter Candy Apple 24 Hour Moisture Ultra Shea Body Cream, $12.50 - My friend kept this lotion in her backpack last year and I still remember being obsessed with how it smelled!
2. BEAUTY BLENDER Original Beautyblender + Solid Cleanser, $25 - Everyone and their hat has been talking about how much they love their Beauty Blender, and I would really like to try it for myself. 
3. ELIZABETH & JAMES Nirvana Mini Rollerball Set, $20 - I smelled these in Sephora one day and really liked them, and I'm picky when it comes to perfumes. They also didn't give me a headache, which is a plus. Try layering them too--they create a whole different scent if you put them both on at the same time!
4. JAMBERRY Mini Heater, $19 - I got to try a sample of these vinyl nail strips at a Facebook "party" and I was really impressed by the staying power. The only thing is, using a blow dryer to apply them is kind of a pain in the ass. If I owned this, the whole process would go a lot faster (and be less awkward). 
5. REAL TECHNIQUES Starter Set, $18 - Real Techniques brushes are supposed to be great quality, especially for the price point. I especially have heard great things about the fine liner brush! 
6. TARTE Sweet Dreams Deluxe Best Sellers Collection, $19 - I'm pretty much guaranteed to like anything by Tarte, and after watching my mother try all of these out from the gift set I got her last year, I've decided that I would really enjoy owning them for myself! 

$50 and Under

We're really going up in price, now. These are the types of gifts that I can't afford unless I go "half-sies" with someone (thank goodness for siblings, right?). Still, these are some of the products I've been coveting. 

Beauty Buff Holiday Wishlist 2014

1. ANASTASIA OF BEVERLY HILLS Contour Kit in Light to Medium, $40 - I've watched Jaclyn Hill on YouTube use this in almost every video, and it looks amazing. I'm especially excited about the Banana Powder to set undereye concealer.
2. IT COSMETICS Limited Edition Holiday Naturally Pretty Celebration Matte Palette, $42 - My collection of matte eyeshadows is seriously lacking, and since I wear neutrals most of the time and am trying to move outside my comfort zone, this is a great place to start!
3. LORAC Pro and Pro 2 Palettes, $42 each - The LORAC formula is supposed to be dreamy, and I love that you get a complete row of mattes and a complete row of shimmers in both of these palettes. I would have included the Mega Pro palette, too, but trying to get your hands on one of those is like trying to find Big Foot.
4. MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Palette, $42 - I've never tried anything by Make Up For Ever, but this palette was raved about by xsparkage on her blog, and the swatches looked impressive.
5. STILA In the Garden / Know / Light / Moment Palettes, $39 each - I've been eyeing these palettes forever! I think I would get use out of any one of them, and I'm always looking to expand my selection of eyeshadows. 
6. SMASHBOX On The Rocks Photo Op Eye Shadow Luxe Palette, $42 - Their Cream Eyeliner is my Holy Grail, and I've heard amazing things about their Photo Op eyeshadow formula. Plus, the color selection is awesome. 
7. TOO FACED The Chocolate Bar Eye Palette, $49 - Not only do Too Faced shadows have a great formulation, but these are all made with cocoa powder so they smell like chocolate! 
8. URBAN DECAY Electric Pressed Pigment Palette, $49 - In my everlasting quest to incorporate more color into my makeup routine, this would ensure I make good on that promise. Two of the shades aren't FDA approved, but plenty of things that are bad for you are approved, so... (there's a certain percentage of bugs and stuff allowed our hot dogs and things like that, so does that really mean anything at all?)
9. URBAN DECAY Naked Basics and Naked2 Basics Palettes, $29 each - These are perfect everyday palettes with great pigmentation, and almost all of the eyeshadows are matte so it makes for a really natural look. The Naked Basics comes with a black, which is always nice. 

Beauty Buff Holiday Wishlist 2014

1. BECCA 24/7 Lip Tints, $44 - I've heard some people talking about these, and they look really pretty in the swatches. Plus, Becca is a brand I have yet to try. 
2. FRESH Sugar Cravings Kissing Trio, $28 - I've been wanting one of the Fresh tinted lip balms for ever! I'm such a lip balm junkie. 
3. FRESH Dare To Bare Sugar Lip Ritual, $45 - This expands into the realm of skincare, which means I want it. It comes with some great healing product for your lips, as well as a tinted lip balm.  
4. JOSIE MARAN Winter Dreams Argan Skincare Collection, $39 - I really like her original 100% Argan Oil, and I've been wanting to try more products in her line! 
5. KORRES The Brightest Skin Wild Rose Collection, $48 - I really enjoyed their Wild Rose Moisturizer in a gift-with-purchase I received, so I would love to snag the full size and try out the rest of the line!
6. REAL TECHNIQUES Nic's Picks 2014, $30 - These brushes look a lot like my beloved It Cosmetics brushes I received last Christmas, so I want to see how they compare!
7. SEPHORA Sephora Favorites Dare to Oil, $32 - I really enjoy using face oils in my skincare routine, and this would give me an opportunity to try some more out! 
8. SEPORA Sephora Favorites Glitz & Glam Party Essentials Sampler, $45 - I'll admit it, I'm obsessed with sample sets. I just love trying new things! 
9. SEPHORA Sephora Favorites Lashstash, $45 - My lashes are long, but they grow straight out, so I'm always on the search for the next, best HG mascara. 

$100 and Under

Now we're playing in the big leagues. These are the things that I can only admire from afar, no matter how many siblings I have to split the cost. I know I would feel guilty asking for any of these for Christmas, because I can't imagine spending $100 on anything, let alone beauty products.  (*Cue Brandy as Cinderella singing "Impossible"*) But this is Sammi's Dream Wishlist, so anything is possible!

Beauty Buff Holiday Wishlist 2014

1. HOURGLASS Ambient Lighting Blush Palette, $58 - These are made with their Ambient Lighting Powders to give you a soft, pretty glow. See #2. 
2. HOURGLASS Ambient Lighting Palette, $58 - Practically everyone in the beauty community is obsessed with this palette, and I really just want to see what the fuss is about. I did some hand swatches in Sephora and wasn't flipping out about it, but I'm sure it looks different once applied to the face.
3. PAULA'S CHOICE Hydralight Super Kit, $99 - I've become obsessed with Paula's Choice over the past year. So far I'm loving her 2% BHA Liquid, but I would love to try the skincare set they recommended for my skin type. 
4. SEPHORA Sephora Favorites Beauty Closet, $99 - Again, this is the beauty blogger in me that just wants to try all the things. 
5. SEPHORA Sephora Favorites Superstars, $75 - I just love samples so much *cries*
6. SIGMA BEAUTY Sigmax Kabuki Kit, $96 - I own the F80 Flat Top Kabuki and it's my favorite foundation brush. However, you can only use a foundation brush a few times before it gets all gunked up, so I would love to have some brushes of equal calibur to rotate it out with. Plus, I love that these are all different cuts of the same fibers! 
7. SMASHBOX Master Class Palette III, $65 - This has everything you could ever want, basically. All you need is foundation and mascara and you're essentially good to go. 
8. TARTE Bon Voyage Collector's Set, $59 - This is similar to the Tarte gift set I got my mom last year, and it has made me so jealous that now I want one for my own! 
9. URBAN DECAY Urban Decay Ten 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Set, $52 - Not only do I love the creamy formula of these eyeliners, but this set comes in a ton of colors that will allow me to inch out of my "neutrals all day erryday" makeup routine. 
10. URBAN DECAY Naked 1Naked 2, and Naked 3 Palettes, $54 each - These offer a great selection of neutrals, and this is all someone like me needs to achieve a ton of looks. 
11. URBAN DECAY Vice 3 Palette, $60 - This is the third of their Vice palettes to come out around Christmas time. This has a great selection of neutrals and fun colors, so I think it would be a good addition to any collection. I don't own any of these, but if you own the Vice 1 or 2, this is practically the same thing. 

Luxury ($100+, aka Crazy-Stupid Expensive)

These are the products that I saw the price tag and laughed out loud. Though all beauty products could be considered "luxury items," It's hard to think about spending this much money on beauty products in the span of a year, let alone on one product/set, but they're still awesome and drool-worthy. If someone gets you one of these, it either means that they love you a lot, or that they just won the lottery.

Beauty Buff Holiday Wishlist 2014

1. JO MALONE The Luxury Advent Calendar, $425 - This is insanely expensive and unnecessary, but I guess they realize that, since "luxury" is even in the title. 
2. JO MALONE Cologne Collection, $110 - The most innocuous of the bunch, this gives you a nice variety of fragrances without making you get a second mortgage on your house. Jo Malone fragrances are on my to-try list.  
3. MASON PEARSON 'Popular Mixture' Nylon & Boar Bristle Brush for Long Coarse to Normal Hair, $205 - This hair brush is over $200 and I want to know why it is worth that kind of money. 
4. SIGMA BEAUTY Extravaganza 18k Gold Complete Kit, $539 - This is just plain unnecessary. 
5. SIGMA BEAUTY Mr. Bunny Essentials Kit, $178 - These are all synthetic brushes, which I usually prefer to natural-haired brushes since they shed less and are usually softer. 
6. STILA 20th Anniversary Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner Collection, $225 - I'll never need to buy pencil eyeliner again! 
7. STILA 20th Anniversary Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner Collection, $225 - I actually don't own any liquid eyeliner, so obviously the best place to start is to buy one in every color! 

Though I don't see myself getting any of these (because I honestly don't need them), it's fun to see what's out there. I like keeping up with the beauty community and reading product reviews, which also causes me to do a lot of masochistic online window shopping.

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What's on your holiday wishlist this year? Tell me the fun ones--if money was just an object and you could easily spend half a grand on a new brush set!

Disclaimer: Photos for collages borrowed from Sephora and product brand websites. Not sponsored or affiliated with any mentioned brands. However, I will accept all Christmas gifts free of charge. 

Psst: Stay tuned for my Beauty Buff Favorite Products of the Year! 

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