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My Favorite Things: May 2015

My Favorite Things: May 2015 - Sammi the Beauty Buff Blog

Lots of things have happened this month for me. I graduated from college, moved to another state, started a new job, and discovered some new beauty products (which one of these is not like the others?). Below are the products I discovered, rediscovered, undiscovered (??) in the month of May. I hope you enjoy, and don't forget to tell me which products you liked best in a comment down below!

CHELLA Highlighter Pencil in Ivory Lace ($18 for 1.4g)

CHELLA Highlighter Pencil in Ivory Lace ($18 for 1.4g)

I got this in an Ipsy bag forever ago and didn't use it much at first. It only drew more attention to my eyebrows, which were a little haphazard to say the least. Since then, I have become the master of my own eyebrows, and have taken to using it every time I do my makeup. Not only is it a subtle highlight for fair, but it's also opaque enough to help hide any hairs that don't belong if you haven't tweezed in a while. (Not fair skinned? Don't worry, they make other shades as well!) I decided to pull it out of my beauty drawer when Lauren of Little Blushing Birdie mentioned it on her blog, and now it's a favorite! This just justifies my hoarder ways, but shhh it's fine what problem?

STILA In The Light Palette ($39)

STILA In The Light Palette ($39)

This palette was also in last month's favorites, and it's here again for good reason. Stila's In The Light is my first do-it-all palette, and I didn't realize what I was missing in my collection until I had it. It has a great variety of finishes and colors, all of which are pigmented and beautiful. It's perfect for any occasion, which is the best part. I did a dark smokey eye with this during Senior Week for a formal event, and was also create a number of pretty daytime looks with the lighter colors. I'm going to get use out of all of these shades, which is amazing.

CARGO Swimmables Water Resistant Blush in Los Cabos ($26 for .3oz)

CARGO Swimmables Water Resistant Blush in Los Cabos

I was stoked to receive this in my April Birchbox. It looks a little dark in the pan, but I just use one tap for each cheek and it looks lovely. It'll look even better with bronzer across the cheekbones, or a tan (via self-tanner--not sun damage!). It's not waterproof, but it does have good staying power. Then again, I'm part of the Dry Skin Club when it comes to my cheeks, so perhaps I'm not the best spokesperson for that. I'm really digging it for the warmer months! Looking for a swatch? Check out last month's Birchbox! 

CYNTHIA ROWLEY BEAUTY Creamy Lip Stain in Valentine ($20 for .17oz)

CYNTHIA ROWLEY BEAUTY Creamy Lip Stain in Valentine

I've really been enjoying this bright pinky red sample that came in my Birchbox! This little stain-gloss hybrid is almost empty, which might break my heart (or make me buy the full size). It doesn't have heavy duty staying power, but it lasts longer than a standard lip gloss. For swatches, feel free to check out my Birchbox unboxing.

MAC Eye Shadow in Bold & Brazen (similar: Expensive Pink)

MAC Eye Shadow in Bold & Brazen

I was hesitant to mention this eyeshadow on my blog, since it was Limited Edition, but I would feel like I was lying if I didn't! This was my go-to eyeshadow this month. I would typically wear it as a one-shadow look, all over the lid and into the crease. It's the perfect mid-tone shade with just enough dimension to make it look like you spent time doing a whole look (when you really just used one color). MAC's Expensive Pink is a shade in their permanent line that looks super similar--if not identical--so if you're interested I would check it out. I did a full review of this sback when I was a baby blogger, so if you'd like to see it swatched, feel free to go here.

E.L.F. Studio Makeup Mist & Set ($3 for 2.02 fl oz)
L'OREAL Infallible Makeup Extender Setting Spray ($16.99 for 3.4 fl oz, or $10.02 on Amazon)

E.L.F. Studio Makeup Mist & Set

This month's newfound appreciation for setting sprays came from the L'Oreal one that came in my Target Beauty Box. It sets my makeup and makes it last all day, so I don't have to use any powder. I haven't tried it in the summer heat yet (I tend to go pretty light on the makeup in the hotter months) but I've liked how it performs so far. When I had special events to attend during senior week, I coupled this with a powder and my makeup did. not. budge. It's a beautiful thing. People with combination skin--check this out!

I've also taken to using the E.L.F. Mist & Set this month. I haven't used it too much since my haul but I think I've discovered my favorite way to utilize it. I find that when I just spray my face with it, my face feels a little tacky all day (while the L'Oreal one does not do that to me). However, I like using this when I'm wearing eyeshadow as eyeliner. Applying eyeshadow wet with this stuff not only makes it easier to apply and more opaque, but also makes it last longer. If you have watery eyes or oily eyelids and you haven't tried this method, I highly recommend it. It's an extra line of defense against smudging/fading, and it's way cheaper than MAC's Fix+, which is always a plus (pun intended). 

What's the best thing you tried in April?

My Favorite Things: May 2015 - Sammi the Beauty Buff Blog

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