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Greek Goddess Makeup Challenge: Demeter (#4)

Hi, friends! Today's post is the fourth installment in the Greek Goddess Makeup Challenge. Each week, a few of my blogger friends and I are taking on a new Greek goddess and using her as inspiration for a makeup look! I'll be sharing what products I used and how I used them, so you can recreate my look at home when you want to channel your inner goddess. And if we have different tastes, that's fine--there will be a bunch of different bloggers' looks to choose from!

Today's goddess is Demeter. In Greek mythology, Demeter is the goddess of the harvest, which is really fitting since it's almost fall! She's also the mother of Persephone, who we'll actually be channeling as our inspiration in a few weeks!

Immediately, I thought of a cornucopia. You know, the big cone-looking thing that holds all the fruits? You see it around Thanksgiving time. For some reason, it just came to mind, and I really wanted to do a look with plums and golds. Since I've been concentrating on the eyes lately, I figured I would do a fun lip color for you all today.

But enough about that. Let's get to the good stuff~ 


Products Used:


I went ahead with my usual foundation routine, adding my Trestique concealer from this month's Birchbox into the mix. It might be too dark for me once I lose my tan, which is a shame since I really like it!

I know you were all wondering when my Stila Convertible Color blush were going to make an appearance, but I'm using one today! I feel like I look a little washed out in the photos, so perhaps I should have added more for this post, but it looked good in real life (at least, I think so!). I swiped a little of my Physicians Formula highlighter on with my fingers, just for a natural, subtle glow. 


Products Used:


There was a bit of a change to my everyday brow routine thanks to my Birchbox this month! I'm really liking the Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil and how easy it is to get the shape you want. It's so precise that you can add color anywhere you want without looking like a hot mess. I used Anastasia's Clear Brow Gel just to keep everything in place, and my Chella highlighter (as per usual) to clean up under the brow and highlight a bit.  

To get that "fall feel," I went with a gold eye. I started with Maybelline's Bold Gold Color Tattoo as a base, so technically I didn't need an eyeshadow primer under it, but it's just routine for me at this point. I topped it off with the "Bubbly" gold shadow in my Stila palette (I know, everyone's so shocked to see it again in this challenge...) to make the gold pop and improve the staying power. A mix of Gilded Gold and Bliss was used in the crease, and the purple shade from my NYC palette was used in the outer corner to tie the look together.

After a quick smudging of purpley-brown eyeliner and a coat or two of mascara, the eyes are done!


Products Used:

I didn't want to do anything too crazy, but I definitely wanted a purple color. I started with LAQA & CO's Sheer Lip Lube Pencil (I hate that name) in Matadour. To give it some shine and add a bit more depth and color, I topped it off with MAC's Lustreglass in Angel Wing. This lip gloss is limited edition, but any purple lip gloss would do! 

After everything else was done, I applied a few spritzes of L'Oreal's setting spray, just to ensure it would last all day. It was hotter than I anticipated outside, so before I left for work, I added some loose setting powder to my T-zone, just to prevent any possible makeup-meltdown later on!

Well, that's everything for today! I wore this look to work the other day and really liked how it turned out. I had multiple coworkers compliment me on my eyes, even though I was trying to focus on my lips for this look. But hey, I'm not complaining! Maybe next time, I'll go really vibrant with the lips and just do mascara and eyeliner on the eyes. We shall see.

Not your style? That's fine! Check out the other bloggers' looks below! Want to join in the fun? Email itsmejiawun@hotmail.com.

Stay tuned for next week's--we're doing Gaea! 

What do you think of this look? Would you wear it? It's all Greek to me!

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