Monday, September 28, 2015

Greek Goddess Makeup Challenge: Gaea (#5)

Hi, friends! Today's post is the fifth installment in the Greek Goddess Makeup Challenge. Each week, a few of my blogger friends and I are taking on a new Greek goddess and using her as inspiration for a makeup look! I'll be sharing what products I used and how I used them, so you can recreate my look at home when you want to channel your inner goddess. And if we have different tastes, that's fine--there will be a bunch of different bloggers' looks to choose from!

Today's goddess is Gaea. In Greek mythology, Gaea is Mother Earth. She created the universe to the first race of gods (the Titans, aka Themis and the other kids she had with Uranus), as well as the first humans. In other words, she's a pretty big deal. I wanted to do something a little cooler than a simpler natural look, since she's kind of special.

So today, I have for you a look inspired by the colors in nature, mostly green and brown. A lot of the trees here don't grow leaves that change color in fall (sad face) but that's okay! We can work with green and brown!

But enough about that. Let's get to the good stuff~ 


Products Used:


Today I wanted something that evened out my skin tone but still was natural-looking. I used my new Laura Geller Baked-n-Brighten Foundation, which I'm obsessed with, followed by some concealer concealer and a quick dusting of powder. For the cheeks, I went with my trusty ol' Stila Convertible Color in Peony for a natural flush, and a bit of bronzer and highlight to add some dimension to my face. 


Products Used:



Now for the fun part! This felt like a lot of makeup at first, even though I didn't do any more steps than usual, just because I wasn't wearing my typical neutral colors. I started off with my Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bold Gold as a base, and then went in and used my Coastal Scents In The Spotlight sample quad to make it interesting. I applied the "Dark Goldrenrod" yellowy-green shade all over the lid. To blend things out, I went with the matte light brown shade Bliss from my Stila In The Light Palette (are you really surprised?). Then, to add some drama, I took the "Dark Olive" forest green shade and packed that onto the outer corner and faded it into the crease. I used a bit of "Golden Globe" right in the center to really add some dimension, and the pale yellow "Sunbeam" as an inner corner highlight. After using the highlight shade from my NYC palette under the brow bone and to blend one more time, the eyeshadow was complete! Phew!

A quick swipe of Smashbox Cream Eyeliner and Benefit They're Real mascara and the eyes are done!


Products Used:

This lipstick is more brown than I usual wear (I tend to gravitate towards pinks) but today is all about getting me out of my comfort zone! I actually really like how this lip duo turned out. I should really try pairing it with more of my fall looks this season!

Well, that's everything! I really like how this look came out. I think it's very autumn appropriate. And it pushed me out of my neutral comfort-zone, so that's always a plus. You guys know how much I love my no-makeup makeup looks!

Not your style? That's fine! Check out the other bloggers' looks below! Want to join in the fun? Email itsmejiawun@hotmail.com.

Stay tuned for next week's--we're doing Hera! 

What do you think of this look? Would you wear it? It's all Greek to me!

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